Paris Hilton on Larry King Live (Full Video)

June 27, 2007

Here is the full video clip of Paris Hilton on Larry King Live in 5 parts. Paris did her first interview after jail on Larry King’s show on June 27th, 2007. The appearance occurred two days after Paris was released from jail on June 25th.

Earlier we had the breaking news on this interview.

Paris Hilton Interview Video (Part 1)

“Don’t serve the time; let the time serve you. I have a new outlook on life.”

Paris Hilton Interview Video (Part 2)

Prison allowed me “time to get to know myself.”

Last television parts below.

Paris Hilton Interview Video (Part 3)

“It was my first Father’s Day I couldn’t give my dad a hug, and that was really hard on me.”

Paris Hilton Interview Video (Part 4)

“Even though I hate it, I’m glad it happened in a way because this really changed my life forever, and I feel stronger than ever.”

Paris Hilton Interview Video (Part 5)

Did you ever use drugs? “No.” Drinking? “I’m not really into it. I think socially people do sometimes when they go out, but it’s not something that I really care about.”

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