Lindsay Lohan Avoids Jail Despite Failed Drug Test

June 23, 2011

Luck was on Lindsay Lohan’s side today. A judge ruled that she was only guilty of poor judgment but did give her some new restrictions for her house arrest.

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Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled that Lilo did not violate her probation even though she failed her drug test because of alcohol. Sautner claims that previous judge, Elden Fox only asked for the mandatory testing to be for drugs not alcohol. Therefore technically Lohan did nothing wrong by having a little party and some drinks. Girl got off on a technicality because Judge Sautner said the only thing she was guilty of was poor judgment. Does Lindsay have any other kind of judgment?

If you think Lindsay left her court session today without any ramifications for her actions well you would be right. The probation department is no longer allowed to test Lohan either. However the washed up starlet did get a little scolding if you will. She is only allowed to have one friend over at a time in addition to her crazy family members. The judge was basically saying no parties which in my opinion should have been clear already but Lilo obviously needed it to be reiterated to her.

The drama doesn’t end there TMZ is claiming to have a probation report that pretty much says the Mean Girls star needs to be in jail because she won’t change her ways. Wow that is bad when your probation officer is claiming you are not redeemable. I realize that isn’t exactly what is being said but come on lets read between the lines here. Personally I think that Lohan is going to do whatever the heck she wants, lets be honest most of us do even if we don’t admit it. Yep I highly doubt this is the last time we will see Lindsay in court, just my opinion.

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