Ye Li is Yao Ming’s Girlfriend (Photos)

June 26, 2007

**UPDATE 8/6/07***

See photos of Yao Ming and Ye Li’s wedding {{{here}}}!!

Meet Ye Li, who is NBA basketball star Yao Ming’s girlfriend. Photos below. The happy couple will marry in August 2007.

Ye Li may have a short name, but she has a long physique. She stands fully erect at 6’3″ tall. Her dearly beloved is 7’6″ tall, and wears a size 18 shoe. You know what they say about men with big feet, although I doubt anyone has caught this couple in the backseat of a car. Well maybe a limousine is possible, especially a stretch limousine. Do you think they sleep in a bed or a boxcar? And what do they say about women with big feet?

The future Mrs. Ming will marry her beloved basketball man in Shanghai China. Does anyone think Ming is a spy? I do. He can see over fences so close your drapes.

She is also a basketball player in the world of sports, starring for the Chinese National women’s team although she has been injured the past couple of years. The two stars were high school sweethearts in China.

See more pictures.

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One Response to “Ye Li is Yao Ming’s Girlfriend (Photos)”

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    J Says:

    Uh, just so you know, Yao is his last name, just like Ye is the girl’s last name. If you wanted to adapt it to the way we name people, she would be Mrs. Li Ye-Yao, or Mrs. Yao, but never Mrs. Ming or Mrs. Yi (sp) Li-Ming.