Christina Ricci Photos

June 26, 2007

Christina Ricci does Squire magazine. The photoshoot is really sexy and she looks very beautiful here. I don’t think she’s a beauty but indeed she’s photogenic. I like her new look, her face looks like a little doll face. I love the colors of the pictures.

Her most recent movie, Black Snake Moan is a dark tale about sexual desire and conflict set in America’s Deep South. Christina Ricci plays Rae, a nymphomaniac victim of childhood abuse, who after say goodbye to her boyfriend, embarks in a binge of sex and drugs and self-destruction.

Ricci surprise herself at how easily she took to being practically naked during much of Black Snake Moan. In order to feel self-conscious, she decided from the outset not to cover up between takes, and she laughs when she remembers Brewer describing it as like being on the set of Seventies Porn movie.

“It seemed like the most normal thing in the world after about two hours. I really forgot that I wasn’t wearing clothes”.

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