Justin Bieber Has A Foot Fetish & Other News

May 31, 2011

Does Justin Bieber have a foot fetish? He was photographed rubbing Selena Gomez’s feet while on vacation together in Hawaii!

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Ok, so Justin Bieber probably does not have a foot fetish, but his ultra possessive fans are not going to be happy about this photo!

Kate Winslet is hot for her age and everything, but when should she start keeping her clothes on? Hollywood Hiccups.

Check out this video of Chris Brown giving a fan a lap dance – Swanky Celebs.

Notorious News is moving to WordPress! Check it out!!

Oh The Scandal! Angelina gives us way too much info!

Check out these pictures of LeAnn Rimes’ bones abs! – Yeeeah!

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Robert Pattinson is apparently a very good kisser! Earsucker.

Hilary Shepherd‘s thoughts on Jeff Conaway’s death are spot on. Sadly, I think most could see it coming.

Will Brad and Angelina finally marry?! Hot Momma Gossip!

OMG Loving the new FULL LEGNTH True Blood season four trailer – Pink Is The New Blog.

Seriously, OMG! WTF? P!nk is still very, very pregnant!

Now, I was NOT kidding about Justin’s fans getting all crazy about his relationship with Selena. Fans have made death threats (REALLY!!!?) and one even refers to their relationship as “Destroyer of Life” calling Gomez a pedophile:

”Stay away from Justin pedophiles! I will kill you at night from under your bed that smells” – Fit Fab Celeb.

Photos: www.wenn.com/FayesVision

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