Paris’ Car is Repossessed!

June 23, 2007

A millionaire with bad credit! Paris Hilton has obviously been distracted by her jail sentence…enough so to actually forget to make payments on her Mercedes! The car, which is worth $500,000 was towed away while Paris sat behind bars.

She has apparently missed at least two payments on the vehicle. I’m surprised she’s making payments at all! Five hundred thousand dollars should be change in Paris’ pocket. Don’t the truly rich just write out a check and pay for the car at the time of purchase? The re-po lot is a huge pain in the ass, too. My car was broken down, then towed for being a snowbird and it took 3 trips there to finally have everything I needed to get it out. A little like the DMV.

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One Response to “Paris’ Car is Repossessed!”

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    hazel Says:

    They usually have someone do that FOR them. Sounds like it’s time to replace her assistance or secretary or whoever does that for her.