Michelle Pfeiffer – Good Houskeeping

June 23, 2007

Michelle Pfeiffer talks in Good Housekeeping Magazine about her family, raising kids, romancing her husband and leaving Hollywood behind. I love Michelle Pfeiffer I think she’s a beautiful woman and she’s very photogenic. She said in the interview she’s not against plastic surgery, she’s against bad plastic surgery and the overuse of it. Intelligent woman.

My marriage is a real testament to the fact that the traditional way of doing thing isn’t always the best.

You know, you and David are total anomalies in Hollywood- you’ve been married for 13 years!

Who would have thought, right? And all these people said it wouldn’t last. I suposse they always say that, until It does last, and then they act as if they never doubt it.

What are your hopes for your kids?

I want them to be fighters; I want them to be survivors, I want them to have something they believe in, and to stay true to themselves.

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