Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong (PHOTOS)

May 13, 2011

Celebrity plastic surgery mishaps may be the only thing that gives us little people a reason to feel sorry for the rich and famous—if only for a moment—then we burst out into laughter. I’ve assembled a quick list of some of the worst cases for you to ogle over.


Let’s kick it off with the most notorious of them all.

Michael Jackson 3 1 2michael jackson plastic surgery

Michael Jackson

I grew up dancing in front of my television, imitating the late, great pop star, grabbing myself in places that didn’t make my mother too happy. I think some of the scuffmarks are still on the hardwood floor, left behind by my converse as I moonwalked along with the greatest dancer to ever live. Sadly though, that was when he looked like a strapping young man. Over the years, MJ’s face, skin, and persona transformed in ways that were hard to understand. The before and after pics say it all.

Heidi Montag Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag

I can barely bring myself to type her name in the same article as MJ, but her transformation was almost as dramatic. She went from a relatively plain girl, to someone who looks like Pamela Anderson’s unfortunate niece. Her breast enlargements were ridiculous, and her face puffed up like Joan Rivers. Her surgery makes her look less Beverly Hills, and more The Hills Have Eyes.

Courtney LoveCourtney Love

Courtney Love

While it’s not even clear that she ever had any surgery, her looks have taken the plunge as well. It seems that as celebs mental health becomes questionable, so do their looks. This gal used to be a grungy, strung-out looking rocker. Now she looks like she is one cigarette away from intensive care.

Tara ReidTara Reid

Tara Reid

She went from the D-list to the F-list after deciding to turn herself into a tanned, wrinkly mess. She was a normal looking teen star with potential, now she looks like she was locked in a tanning booth by a sadistic killer, only to be let out after her skin began to melt.

There are many, many, more. If you can think of any other celebrity plastic surgery nightmares, please leave them in the comments section. Check out a video related to the topic just below:

Photos: www.wenn.com/Rachel Worth/STS/Fayesvision/Andres Otero

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