Cheryl Cole American The X-Factor Judge: Caption This Photo

May 5, 2011

It is official Cheryl Cole will be a judge on the American version of The X-Factor. Cole’s new job has made her our Caption This photo contest for the week. Find out all about the contest and who the big winner of the Ian Ziering contest is when you keep reading.

Cheryl Cole 1

Cheryl Cole will join Simon Cowell and music producer L.A. Reid at the judge’s panel when The X-Factor hits America this fall and that is why she is our Caption This photo contest for the week. Here the lowdown on what you have to do, simply check out the above pic of Cheryl and caption it by leaving your two cents in the below comments section. Then be sure to check back next Tuesday when an all new hot picture is posted to see if your name is in black and white as this weeks winner. It is a ton of fun and so easy.

That being said it is time to announce the winner of the Ian Ziering contest and the honor goes to Sandy who had this to say.

Where’s my man purse!

See I told it was easy now it is your turn so get captioning my friends.

Now lets dish about Cheryl and her new gig, which shouldn’t really comes as shocking news since she already works with Simon Cowell on the UK hit show it made sense she would make the move to the new one. I honestly don’t know that much about her other than she is part of the Britain pop group Girls Aloud, so I am pretty psyched to see what she brings to the table. Plus lets be real I am just looking forward to the debut of the much anticipated show. There is no word yet on who is set to host the show where the winner will receives a $5 million recording contract, wow!

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2 Responses to “Cheryl Cole American The X-Factor Judge: Caption This Photo”

  1. 1
    Jon Says:

    “I’d like to thank all of the little people…starting with this one here on the podium.”

  2. 2
    Jeanette Says:

    I love her! I’m so glad she’ll be judging on the American version…