Gia Allemand does Maxim (Photos)

June 21, 2007

Here are the sexy photos of Gia Allemand, including an introduction to her hot Maxim pictures in the July issue of the magazine.

Gia is, of course, the hot ex-girlfriend of New York Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano who allegedly broke up with him because he was cheating. Pavano’s life must be collapsing around him. He is booed in New York, referred to by the Press as the “American Idle” for his propensity for injury, and gave up one of the hot player girlfriends of all time. The idiot also broke up with Alyssa Milano.

Gia is also a fashion model. She was Miss South Beach ya’ll! And please do pay a visit to her modeling website where you will find more photos and biography information.

Bronx Bombshell: Gia’s recent breakup with her fiancé, Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano, made headlines (and heads turn) when she sent him back to the bull pen for allegedly pitching to another catcher. We balked when we learned what Pavano was throwing away in Gia. But given his struggles at the mound since arriving in New York, he’s probably happy just to record the strikeout.

All all of her photos and a hot video that you must see. Read the interview about her traffic accident and fashion modeling career.

I started modeling when I was a baby, then stopped, and recently only a few years ago I started modeling again. I’m very proud of all the beauty pageants and bikini competitions that I have won. I used to be into theatre, I like acting, it’s fun, but I never did anything major in that area. Hopefully in the future I’ll get the opportunity to.

Gia Allemand was born and raised in Queens , New York . From the age of three years old she starting a career in ballet by the age of 12 she was already involved in big productions with some of the top ballet companies, such as Jeoffrey, Ballet Long Island, Ohio Dance Theater and many others. Gia loved the spot light and loved being in front of thousands of people. Gia didn’t have the normal life other girls her age did she went to high school and college for ballet, where she not only perfected the art of ballet but she learned, determination, passion, confidence, grace, elegance and drive.

Gia’s modeling career was on and off as a little girl, she won many prestigious beauty pageants growing up. But it wasn’t until someone asked her to pose for a swimsuit calendar where people really got to see how special she was. She then went on to appear in many swimsuit calendars, lingerie and swimsuit catalogs, billboards, commercials, music videos, posters and was even featured on the big screen.

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