Noelia is pretty

June 21, 2007

Here is the video of Puerto Rican pop star and model Noelia doing a sexy dance on television. It is an understatement to call this a celebrity moment, so you will just have to see a world class pair.

Noelia Video

This fine celebrity fashion slip occurred on an entertainment show hosted by Susana Gimenez.

Sex Tape

Noelia is also rumored to have a sex tape courtesy of her mean boyfriend. Why is it that every celebrity sex tape is searched for so much? Have your own sex, people! You do not need to watch others. We do not show sex videos, but if you really want to watch, you might try ((( this site ))).

Here is Noelia showing less of her boobs on a better day in this hot music video singing “Como Duele (Barrera de Amor)”.

Talented Puerto Rican pop singer Noelia was captivated by music at a very young age, mostly influenced by her mother, local singer/actress Yolandita Monge, who became a Latin American celebrity. The artist’s debut album was released in February of 1999. By the end of the year 2000, Noelia issued her second album, called Ni Una Lagrima Mas.

Hot photos of Noelia doing some modeling are below which you can click to enlarge all of her breasts.

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3 Responses to “Noelia is pretty”

  1. 1
    Lupa loves pictures Says:

    Great news for her fans
    I think she is really working hard to entertain people with all possible tricks. I find her very entertaining, because she performs very well in the mentioned video.

    Thank you for sharing this story with me !

  2. 2
    Miro Samante Says:

    What a shame for a woman of such quality.
    I think she should be more like a good example for women who admire her for a great tallent.

    She has ruined her image very much, I think.

  3. 3
    john Says:

    Since when did Puerto Rico have pop stars? I’ve never heard of Noelia until just this week.

    I’ll bet most of the world outside of Puerto Rico had never heard of her until that Noelia sex tape was leaked this week.

    I searched for a few of her songs online. She has a really pretty voice. I wonder if this is just another celebrity’s attempt to become famous via a sex tape?

    This tape is differerent than the others because in it she’s having anal sex. Looks like she hooked up with a guy that she shouldn’t have trusted.

    For those who are interested, the tape is still hard to find online. About the only place that I know that has it is (NSFW). I believe it’s somewhere on the celebrity sex page .. if they haven’t yet been forced to take it down.