Soap Dish: Paying To Watch Soaps

April 29, 2011

The future of daytime soap operas has been one hot topic the past few weeks and now the subject of fans having to pay to watch their favorite shows has been brought up. It is an interesting concept that could provide a solution to help save an industry. So many of us love so my question is would you pay to watch your favorite shows if it would keep them on air?

Nancy Lee Grahn

Thanks to the lovely Nancy Lee Grahn who plays Alexis Davis on General Hospital the questions of whether or not soap fans would pay to watch their shows was brought to my attention. Nancy posted the question on Twitter and I immediately replied “Heck yeah” because I would totally pay a fee if it meant saving one of my favorite soap operas from getting canceled.

I have no idea if this is something the networks are looking into or not, it was just thrown out there and caught my attention. There really isn’t a downside to it unless of course you are charged a ridiculous fee but if it costs say $10 a month I would totally pay it. There will only be four shows left on air come next January so I think any little steps that can be taken to preserve the soap opera industry is a good thing. I realized though that many may not agree with me and that is ok to each their own. I think it is simple if the fans are charged a small fee then that helps cut the cost of the show which seems to be what the powers that be at the networks complain about the most. It may not cover the whole cost but it could help because despite what network execs think there are still a crap ton of us fans left.

Soap Dish this week is dishing about paying for soaps what are your thoughts?

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One Response to “Soap Dish: Paying To Watch Soaps”

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    Jeanette Says:

    I love my soaps, but I wouldn’t pay to watch them…