Stars’ Other Talents Quiz! Guess the Hidden Skills of Hollywood Fame

April 27, 2011

By now we know all about the hidden skill of Mike Tyson: Pigeon Racing. But what are some other star’s talents we aside from what made them famous? Find out below!

Kristen Stewart 1

From line-dancing to knitting, some of our favorite celebs have some pretty weird hobbies. Can you match the celebrity below with their secret skill?

Stars Other Talents Quiz

Do you have your answers to the Stars Other Talents quiz? Check them below!

Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann – Unicycle Rider. Yes that’s right! One of the better party tricks around is Mann’s strange talent of riding around on one wheel. Whatever floats your boat!

Bob Barker

Bob Barker- Karate expert. You heard it right. Mr. Price is Right is a pro martial arts expert who even trained with the legendary Chuck Norris! If you remember, he showcases his hand to hand combat skill is Happy Gilmore.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee – Pro Skate-Boarder. You may now only know him for “My Name is Earl,” but Lee used to tear up the half-pipe back in the day. He was actually the first person alongside Tony Hawk to get a signature shoe with Airwalk. Go figure!

Selma Hayek

Selma Hayek – Olympic Gymnast. Yes Selma’s always kept a tight figure, but I would have never guessed how fit she actually was. The actress grew up training for the Olympics with her dad as her coach before quitting the high pressure gig in favor of acting.

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen – Famous Artist & Poet. This guy’s just awesome at everthing. As if his role in Lord of the Rings wasn’t cool enough, Viggo also has major talents in painting and poetry. And this isn’t just a nice complement, he has paintings in galleries worldwide! On top of that, he’s just published his second poetry book.

Steve Martin 1 2

Steve Martin – Banjo Player. With his new album “The Crow: New Songs for the Five-Sting Banjo,” the man’s skill doesn’t need much explaining. Martin’s been playing for 45 years.

Kristen Stewart 1

Kirstin Stewart – Juggler. There’s nothing that would kill the seductive tension of the Twilight franchise like a goofy bout of juggling. Maybe that’s why we hadn’t heard about this until now! Still I have to say I’m horrible at juggling, so give Stewart props for this random talent!

Colin Farrell 1 2

Colin Farrell – Line Dancing Instructor. Yes, before he made it big in film, Farrell used to earn his way as a line dancing instructor. Maybe that’s how he kept such a cut figure, that stuff’s tiring!

David Arquette 1

David Arquette – Avid Knitter. My favorite hidden skill of all! Playing a macho cop in the Scream series, Arquette’s secret hobby is usually associated with grandmothers. Still, if he’d make me a nice sweater all’s forgiven!

How’d you do on the Star’s Other Talents Quiz? Do you know of any other celebs with hidden skills? Let me know in the comment section!

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2 Responses to “Stars’ Other Talents Quiz! Guess the Hidden Skills of Hollywood Fame”

  1. 1
    Miriam Says:

    Love Bob Barker!

  2. 2
    Jeanette Says:

    David Arquette knits? That one blew me away!