Survivor: Redemption Island, Episode 11 Recap

April 27, 2011

The episode 11 recap of Survivor: Redemption Island begins on Night 27 at Camp Murlonio as the gang returns after voting Julie off. Steve tries to make amends with Phillip, assuring him he is not a racist. Phillip shakes hands but still considers Steve part of the enemy. Steve then tries to butter up the rest of the Ometepe Tribe, or Omies, complimenting them on blindsiding Julie. The Tribal Council had been a crazy one as the former Zapatera Tribe members, the Zappers, tried to get Phillip voted off. But Rob is protecting Phillip and plans to take him all the way to the end.

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Jeff Probst hosts Survivor: Redemption Island

Day 28 dawns and Phillip goes in search of his shorts. Julie had told all at Tribal council how she buried them and hid the hole under a rock. Mr. Special Federal Agent did not need to look very long until finding the hiding spot. Phillip returns to camp proudly displaying his shorts. He plans to rub them in Julie′s face and decides to bring back the rock she used and make it his foot rest.

At Redemption Island, Mike and Julie prepare themselves while Matt goes to the beach. He is feeling very low. Mike tells Julie that he thinks Matt is ready to pack it in. Matt is indeed struggling emotionally. He misses his family and questions what purpose God has for him? Matt is starting to breakdown.

Time for a Duel! Everybody gathers at Redemption Island. Even Jeff notices how low Matt is. Matt confesses that he is ready to go home today. The challenge is Survivor Shuffle Board. First two players to get their three pucks in or touching the end zone stay in The Game. Mike gets off to a good start in the first two rounds, getting two pucks in. Julie scores one in the second round and Matt gets one in the 3rd. Matt then scores again in the next two rounds, making him safe. Mike gets his third and Julie is finished. She tells Jeff her sad story about how her home is being foreclosed. But she is inspired by Matt and will seek out a church when she gets home.

Day 29 and we find Grant and Rob discussing booting Andrea before Matt can rejoin The Game. They are worried that she may try to flip back to him, joining any others whom may attempt to disrupt the End Game Strategy.

Day 30 and time for the Immunity Challenge. It′s a log-rolling contest, lumberjack-style. Jeff also will give the winner a reward, a big chocolate cake and a pitcher of ice cold milk! There will also be a surprise twist, too! Grant, Ralph, Ashley and Phillip win round one. Grant and Ralph win the next round and square off for the final showdown. The two men are cagey, but Grant outfoxes Ralph and sends him into the pool for a cool dip. Jeff allows Grant to invite a friend for cake, so Grant picks Rob. Jeff then allows a second guest, who winds up being Andrea. Then Jeff tosses a package to Steve telling him it is for the whole tribe and not to open it until tonight at Tribal Council. Finally, Jeff has more fun by giving Grant, Rob and Andrea only two minutes to devour the giant chocolate cake. Grant confesses to Uncle Cameraman that he invited Andrea to make her feel comfy in case they decide to boot her tonight.

Back at camp, everybody wonders about the surprise twist? Could it mean a second boot vote? Maybe somebody will return from Redemption Island? They determine that the package contains some sort of deck of cards. Steve and Ralph ponder which one of them is next to go? Ralph figures it will be him. Steve complains how spent his body is. Rob sees it that way, too, that Ralph is still a challenge threat. But just in case, because of the twist, Rob and Grant plot out other back-up plans. Steve talks to Natalie and Ashley, trying to convince them to boot Rob. Naturally, they tell Rob about it, who now decides it is better to dump Steve now and wait on Andrea.

At Tribal Council, Rob confirms to Jeff that either Steve or Ralph are going tonight. Steve tries to stir the pot but Andrea assures all that her tribe is strong and committed. Ralph thinks he is tonight′s target and Steve tries to help along those lines. But Rob, Grant and Phillip do not believe Steve is a quitter. Steve tries again to stir the pot against Rob, but it goes nowhere. Ralph is voted off 6 to 2, Rob is staying put.

After Ralph leaves, Jeff has Steve open the surprise package and read the first card. There will be another Immunity Challenge and another vote tonight. Jeff hands out decks to everybody. They have various iconic Survivor symbols, like canteens, fire, machete, rice pot, etc. Jeff shows a series, then the others must repeat it. Natalie and Phillip are the first out. Then Grant and Andrea. Only Rob gets the next correctly and wins immunity. Steve votes for Grant but the rest send Steve packing. Jeff compliments the Ometepe Tribe for making it this far. Now the REAL GAME begins!

Spoilers for next week′s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island show the Ometepe Tribe begins to turn on each other. A serious challenge depletes everyone′s strength. Rob moans about how 32 days have gone down the drain. I′m guessing Phillip is annoying everyone and Rob must now cut him loose.

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