Glee Recap: Born This Way

April 27, 2011

It was the highly anticipated ‘Born This Way’ episode last night on Glee. Did you miss it? No worries, we’ve got the full recap here. Grab yourself a beverage and sit tight. This was a 90 minute episode, folks, so here we go!


Egads, Nationals are just two weeks away, and Mr. Schue praises the Glee Club for their singing, but their dancing? Um, time for some choreography bootcamp!

Before you know it, Finn accidentally whacks Rachel on the nose, she’s sent to the hospital and we find out her schnozzola is broken. Hmmm. The doc tells Rach that this is the opportune time to correct her deviated septum and do a little cosmetic work, aka nose job. He points out that doing the surgery could also help her hit some of those higher notes she might not have been able to before. You see the wheels a churnin’…

So Rach tells the group what’s going on, they of course are against it and Santana goes off on a tangent about looking in the mirror and not liking what you see so do something about it and change it. She talks about Sam maybe wanting a mouth reduction or maybe Tina wants to get her eyes de-slanted (sorry Santana, I like my Asian eyes, thank you very much) or maybe Artie wants to cut his legs off since he’s not using them anyways…gah, she’s a piece of work, ain’t she? Anyhoo, Mr. Schue steps in and can’t believe what he’s hearing. Oh, Santana Santana Santana…

As Will is trying to help Emma with her OCD, she points out that she was not ‘born this way’, thus the lightbulb goes on over Will’s head deciding that the kids should sing about acceptance for who they are, regardless of any imperfections they may have. He enlists Emma’s help, and they announce to the kids that as a group they will perform ‘Born This Way’, wearing T-shirts with a word or phrase emblazoned across the front that describes what they’d like to change about themselves but can’t since they’re ‘born this way’.

Rachel takes Quinn to the doc to show him that she’s interested in getting a nose job a la Quinn style. Their mashup of Unpretty/I Feel Pretty was actually very good.

Finn sings I’ve Gotta Be Me, who shows that he clearly is lacking in the dancing department, thus the number with the Mike Chang, who shows off his mad dancing skills. Eh, while I enjoyed watching Mike, I can’t say the same for Finn…or his singing.

Santana also wants in on the Prom Queen title. As she stares at Brittany and Artie sharing a moment in the hallway, she decides that she needs to get Kurt back at McKinley and if she does that, she’ll be hailed as the hero and win the coveted title and Brittany. She notices Karofsky checkin’ out Sam’s butt as he is bent over at the drinking fountain and voila! Santana’s gaydar detector goes off big time. She lets Dave know that she knows his secret and informs him of her plan to become Prom Queen. They will pose as each other’s significant other, he will apologize to the Glee Club and he will also reach out to Kurt. They also have formed the Bully Whips (complete with red satin jackets and berets), a club that prevents bullying at McKinley. As Karofsky pleads his case to the kids, Santana joins him and explains that they are now a couple, much to the kids’ dismay. A meeting is held in the Principal’s office, where Karofsky apologizes to Kurt, Mr. Hummel doesn’t believe him and then Kurt asks to speak to Dave alone. Kurt wants to know what Dave’s angle is, and Karofsky admits that it was Santana’s idea in her quest to get Kurt back in the Glee Club, she’ll be the hero and eventually win the Prom Queen title. Boom, Kurt’s back at McKinley, yay!

Blaine and the Warblers say goodbye to Kurt via their rendition of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know. Got a bit misty eyed here, it was emotional, and they of course rocked it. Sigh….I will miss their performances.

Who else wants that Prom Queen tiara? None other than Lauren. So she and Puck decide to find some dirt on Quinn and jackpot… they find out that she used to be overweight, wore glasses, had an acne problem and got a nose job. Lauren shows Quinn the picture of her former self. Quinn explains her previous self to Lauren, who tells her to check out the bulletin board. Yep, a poster of Quinn (whose real name is Lucy, Quinn is her middle name) in her not so flattering look complete with the nickname she was taunted with as a youngster – Lucy Caboosey. Quinn is mortified. Lauren’s plan actually blows up in her face though, as Quinn actually gets a boost in the polls because students are moved by her metamorphosis. Lauren apologizes to Quinn and things are a-okay between them. What? Just like that? Oh, and isn’t this week’s lesson all about accepting who we are?

It’s time for Rachel’s intervention, as Puck takes her to the local mall (loved her line – ‘Why did you bring me here? Is there a sale at Claire’s?’) where Kurt meets them at the top of the escalator. Kurt tells Puck, ‘Thanks, only I can lead this Barbravention’. Rachel squeals, ‘Is she here?’, to which Kurt replies, ‘No, this is a mall in Ohio.’ LMAO! So a flash mob breaks out to none other than Duck Sauce’s ‘Barbra Streisand’. The Barbravention was successful, because Rachel decides against the nose job.

Speaking of Barbra — loved Kurt’s welcome back to McKinley number, ‘As If We’d Never Said Goodbye’. Full of emotion, a bit dramatic, but would we expect anything less from Kurt? Nope!

Brittany shows Santana the T-shirt she’s wearing for the big number (I’m With Stoopid with an arrow pointing to herself), to which Santana shows her hers, ‘B*TCH’. Brittany tells her that she had a shirt made for her which reads ‘Lebanese’. Santana tells her, ‘I’m Hispanic’, but then asks Brittany, ‘did you mean Lesbian’? ‘Isn’t that what it says?” replies Britt. Typical Brittany! Hah. Santana is still mad that she told B I love you and she didn’t say it back.

So we end the episode with the group performance of ‘Born This Way’. It is here where we see all the Glee kids in their T-shirts (I won’t give them away, since you can watch the episode in full via the video below). All in all a great episode, much better than last week, that’s for sure!

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