Shyamali Malakar Playboy?

June 20, 2007

It looks like Shyamali Malaker has had an offer to pose nude for a magazine but no word yet on exactly which magazine it is. Playboy, maybe? The sister of former American Idol ouster Sanjaya Malakar, did make it to Hollywood on last season’s AI, but did not make the Top 24. No biggie, as Shyamali rose to her own fame with several images of her in her Hooters uniform (see photo above) and others from her MySpace page.

Just what does Sanjaya think of his sister posing nude? On Rush & Molloy, he said, “She was never the type to flaunt it.”

Oh okay…so I guess when you’re in a Hooter’s uniform that’s not “flaunting it”, right?

We have lots more photos of Shyamali HERE!!

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