Lady Gaga Appears on Ellen DeGeneres Show

April 25, 2011

After all of the drama surrounding her in the past couple weeks, Lady Gaga will appear on Ellen DeGeneres Thursday to perform her new controversial song “Judas.” As an added bonus we may get to hear her explanation of what’s been going on as well as seeing the cover art for this new song.

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All we know for now is that she will be singing. Until she actually appears we can’t be certain that she will be interviewed at all, but I can’t help but think there’s no way they’ll let that opportunity pass.

Check out the song that will be performed by Lady Gaga on Ellen DeGeneres at Too Fab. Also enjoy these other hot topics picked just for you!

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Starcasm- Did you know that Lady Gaga is Elton John’s son’s godmother? It’s true!

Holy Moly- Apparently Kelly Brook is going to put out a maternity line.

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Seriously? OMG! WTF?- Rob Schneider has officially tied the knot and taken himself off the market!

Have U Heard- The Kardashians are one of the highest paid reality stars… are you shocked?

… now back to the “Born This Way” singer’s talk show appearance. Do you think Ellen will actually let her sit down and talk about her song and her comments in NME magazine (you know, where she said “retarded”)? Is there anything else to say after her sincere apology? Be sure to tell me what you think about all of this in the comment section below.

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Photos: Eddy, I.Kavanaugh, Ivan Nikolov, DJDM

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3 Responses to “Lady Gaga Appears on Ellen DeGeneres Show”

  1. 1
    sarah Says:

    I just can’t seem to get into Lady Gaga, she’s phony to me and just out for attention.

  2. 2
    DD Says:

    Perez Hilton ruined Gaga for me.

  3. 3
    Miriam Says:

    I like her music, but have strong questions about her