The Amazing Race 18 ‘We’re Good American People’ Recap

April 24, 2011

When we last left our racers we learned that Gary and Mallory had been spared elimination thanks to the non-elimination leg of the race. They however they will have to endure a Speed Bump on this current leg as a plenty for coming in last place.

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That means we still have six teams racing and they are Kent and Vyxsin, Gary and Mallory, Flight Time and Big Easy, Jet and Cord, Kisha and Jen and Zev and Justin, who just happen to be the first team to leave this leg of the race. The best friends learn they need to find their way to Schaanwald, Liechtenstein. Once they cross the border they will find their next clue. It is also revealed that a double U Turn will be popping up in this leg of the race. Flight Time and Big Easy are next to leave followed by Kent and Vyxsin, Kisha and Jen, Jet and Cord and Gary and Mallory, all teams end up on the same train to Liechtenstein.

All teams are off and running once they arrive. Zev and Justin make it to the clue box first and learn it time for a Roadblock and it isn’t going to be easy. One team member must get on a motorized bike and measure the length of Liechtenstein using a map and an odometer, which is a 22-kilometer ride. They must give their answer to Olympic Ski Racer Marco Büchel if they are right he will give them their next destination, if not they must ride back to the staring point and start all over. Justin, Jen, Flight Time, Vyxsin and Jet all start at the same time. Gary and Mallory were stuck in traffic. However once they do arrive they learn they must do the Speed Bump first which is that they have to figure out the correct mixture of gas to oil that powers the motorized bike. The answer is 25 parts gas to 1 part oil, once the mechanic gives them the ok one team member will use that bike for the Roadblock.

Meanwhile Jet and Flight Time take a couple of wrong turns while Jen loses her map along while doing the Roadblock. Gary and Mallory do the Speed Bump with ease and Gary takes off to do the Roadblock. Vyxsin has trouble reading the map while Gary catches up to Jet. Justin is the first to arrive followed by Jen who double checks her answer with Justin before she tells Marco the answer. Jet arrives next but gives the wrong answer and he must start all over again. Justin and Jen make their way to Gutenberg Castle, which is where their team members are waiting for them. They learn they must travel by bus and train to Zermatt, Switzerland and find their next clue at the train station.

On the way to Switzerland Kisha and Jen and Zev and Justin see Flight Time and give him the correct answer to the Roadblock. Flight Time turns around and sees Gary and gives him the correct answer as well. Vyxsin also gets it right so all teams are done except Jet who no one was willing to help. Everyone is clearly against helping the cowboys. Jet gives the correct answer the second time around but not in enough time to make the second train with Kent and Vyxsin, Flight Time and Big Easy and Gary and Mallory on it.

In Zermatt, Zev and Justin and Jen and Kisha learn it is Detour time and they must choose between cheese or wheeze. In cheese they make their way to a restaurant where they must eat an entire pot of cheese fondue, once completed they will get an empty pot with their next clue on it. In wheeze they will travel on foot throughout Zermatt with 20 pieces of luggage from the train station dropping them off at least five different hotels. They will collect one tag for each delivery and bring 20 tags to the head porter at the train station to receive their next clue.

Zev and Justin and Kisha and Jen all choose the cheese task, however barely into the task the sisters decide to switch to the luggage task. Flight and Big Easy, Gary and Mallory and Kent and Vyxsin all choose to do the wheeze task. Kent is once again a whiny baby during the task. Gary and Mallory have a hard time getting started with the task, while Zev and Justin struggle really bad with the cheese task. All of this is happening before the cowboys even begin a task.

The cowboys also decide to deliver the luggage. Kisha and Jen finish the luggage task first as Zev and Justin power through the cheese task and learn they are headed to Inderbinen Brunnen where the double U-Turn will be awaiting them. Zev and Justin are the first to arrive and do not U-Turn anyone and learn they must make their way via electric taxi to the next pit stop at Moos Restaurant, which is a chalet at the base of the Alps. Kisha and Jen did not use the U-Turn either.

Once again Zev and Justin are the first team to check in with Phil. They won a trip for two to the Caribbean; it is their 4th time to come in first. Kisha and Jen come in as team number two. Back at the luggage task Flight Time and Big Easy accidentally mess up and add an extra hotel to their run. Kent and Vyxsin are next to complete the task but they cannot U-Turn anyone because they already used their U-Turn. Next to complete is Gary and Mallory. Flight Time and Big Easy lose two of their tickets along the way and must deliver two more pieces of luggage. Gary and Mallory decide not to U-Turn anyone as well.

Kent and Vyxsin check in with Phil as team number three and Gary and Mallory are team number four to arrive on the mat. Flight Time and Big Easy and Jet and Cord all head for the double U-Turn at the same time but it is the Globetrotters who make it first and they U-Turn the cowboys. Jet and Cord make their way to the other task as Flight Time and Big Easy hit the mat as team number five. The cowboys complete the cheese task and make their way to Phil to hear those dreaded words “You are the last team to arrive and you have been eliminated from the race.”

Photos: Nelson

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