Interview with Ben Hansen of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

April 27, 2011

Ben Hansen is a vital part of the amazing SyFy show Fact or Faked Paranormal Files, which has a brand new season airing currently. If you have seen the show you know that Ben is pretty freaking awesome. If you haven’t seen the show, then let me tell you a little about Mr. Hansen.

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Recently I was fortunate enough to participate in a Q&A interview session with the one and only Ben Hansen who not only has an FBI background but has seen his fair share of interesting cases on and off the show. This was the second time I have gotten a chance to speak with Ben and let me say I was even more intrigued by him and what he does than I was when I chatted with him a few months ago.

Just like the last time, a lot of the conversation centered on the show and of course Ben’s experience, which is very interesting. However I wanted to ask him some questions more about, well, Ben.

Rachelle: Do you have a favorite case that you have worked on in the past?
Ben: The Battle of LA is my favorite of this season. It’s great to be able to get in there with something that’s so historic and add something new to it. Just when the experts, the researchers who’ve been doing this for a while think they’ve tried everything, you just sometimes step back and look at the simplest explanations. When you look on the forums, people are still debating sometimes the simplest things. So to take that and put some of those to the test, then try the more complex ones as well and get the story out to a wider audience is great. I bet that if you ask the common person on the street what happened in the Battle of 1942, they’d have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s the same thing with the UFO flap over the Capitol building in 1952. People have no idea that these mass sightings over populated areas took place. And the government has an explanation just doesn’t seem to add up.

Rachelle: What do you do when you’re not filming the show?
Ben: I just got back from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I went with a friend. I really needed to unwind. I had a great time there. I don’t do a whole lot of traveling when I’m not filming just because I’m pretty much traveled out and it gets expensive. I live just a couple of houses from the beach down here in Orange County, California so I’m trying to get better at surfing. When I’m not doing that, I’m working on new technologies for the next run of the show. You may see a very cool new addition in our technology, some equipment that I’ve been working on. You may see it in this next six or it might be in the next after that. But I love tinkering. I also love going to conventions to unwind.

Well he is right I had no idea about the Battle of L.A. or UFO Flap over the Capital building in 1952.

After talking about his favorite cases Ben shared with us what a dream case of his would be and he actually has a lot of them that he wants to investigate. For example there’s a lot still with Roswell in terms of different aspects of it that he would like to look into. Then there is the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base case which, Hansen says you could take a good solid week of continuous programming and not even touch the surface of it.

One interesting topic came up and that was how does the show help Ben decipher what is fact or fake when he is watching the news or reading the paper in today’s world. It was a topic that he treaded lightly with but I must say he handled it very well. Simply put he said he didn’t know there were so many hoaxes out there until he actually got into making this TV program. He went on to explain how he would sit down, watch a video on YouTube and believe there’s maybe a 90% possibility this is exactly what somebody filmed or to turn on the TV to the news and believe a story is exactly how the witnesses are describing it or the slant this news reporter is exactly the facts. However after seeing so many videos, talking to so many people he believes he may have slid more to the skeptical side, meaning he might need to do his homework before believing something that he has seen from the news or somebody’s story.

After that info Hansen shared how they determine what tips to follow up on given that they get so many tips, as you can imagine it isn’t that easy. The team takes some time every week to do their own research and then they compare. A lot of times it is the same videos, the ones that are really hot and popular. There is also a production staff that does some of the vetting of these videos because it can be overwhelming with the number of videos that come in. Once they all get together throughout the week they look at a barrage of videos going back and forth and trying to get through that first stage of okay, is the video compelling? Is it really cool? Is it something new? Then they enter it at different stages that makes sense because they’re all throwing around these ideas and then assign them specifically to each team member. They are being more proactive about it because Ben believes the best videos are not necessarily put onto YouTube for everyone to see because they can be picked apart in the forums and everything. That being said, Hansen made it clear that if anyone had a compelling video, paranormal phenomena they should send it to the show. The Web site is or connect with any one of the team members online or via Facebook or Twitter to submit a video link that will be looked at.

Yes my friends, my interview with Ben Hansen of Fact or Fake: Paranormal Files was not only very informative but once again peaked my interest in the show. All new episodes air Wednesdays at 10 PM EST. My DVR has it set and I think yours should too.


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    Jeanette Says:

    Great interview, Rachelle! I’ll have to send this link to one of my friends – she is totally into this show!