Doctor Who Season 6 Premier Review

April 24, 2011

Last night′s premier of Doctor Who season 6 was pretty bizarre, to say the least. The good Doctor (Matt Smith) had season 5 regulars newlyweds Any (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill), along with River Song (Alex Kingston) meet him somewhere in Southwestern America. They received invites delivered in blue envelopes, each which are numbered. Another is also invited, Canton Delaware, an elderly man who comes bring a large can of gasoline. While enjoying a picnic, the Doctor tells them about going to visit space in 1969. Amy notices a somebody looking on from a distance that nobody else sees. At which point, somebody wearing an Apollo-style spacesuit emerges from a lake and kills the Doctor! Really kills him this time. The spaceman escapes and the others burn the Doctor′s body with the gasoline. The Time Lord obviously brought them all there for a reason, now they have to figure out why? Confused in the first 5 minutes of a new season? Welcome to the Universe of Dr. Who!

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Matt Smith returns as Doctor Who for the Season 6 premier. Image Credit: Mr. Blue /

River is the first to notice that the numbered envelopes are missing No.1. So who would The Doctor trust more than anybody else? She leads Amy and Rory back to a cafe they had assembled at before the picnic and find the fourth invitation, and the Doctor. Ah, but it′s a Doctor 200 years younger than the one killed. River convinces the others not to mention this to the younger Doctor. After some cajoling, they convince him to take them back to 1969 in search of a younger Canton Delaware.

He turns out to be a former FBI agent, now hired by President Richard Nixon to solve a strange mystery. Every evening, a young child calls Nixon and pleads for help, telling the president that she is being attacked by a spaceman. The Doctor and company stumble into the Oval Office with the TARDIS and pledge to help Nixon solve the mystery. Amy sees an alien in the White House but looses all memory of it when she turns away. After another phone call from the pleading child, the Doctor and company, including Canton, head for the rescue in the TARDIS.

They arrive at some dark, forbidding warehouse near the Kennedy Space Center in Florida where they find an Apollo spacesuit. While searching about in a tunnel under the building, River and Rory also see the aliens, and, they too forget about them once they turn away. River does discover some alien technology and learns that the tunnel network extends across the whole planet. Meanwhile, the Doctor, Amy and Canton hear the young girl cry out for help. Canton races ahead, only to be knocked unconscious. Amy tells the Doctor she′s pregnant. They find Canton and then the spaceman arrives. Amy grabs Canton′s pistol and shoots, hoping to stop the spaceman now before he can kill the Doctor in the future. Just before she fires, ′The Impossible Astronaut′ the title of the episode, raises its visor, revealing that inside is the young girl. Weird, huh?

Doctor Who, season 6, promises to be a strange one. True fans might be let down that their favorite Time Lord may one day die for real. This is the 32nd season of the longest-running science fiction series in television. First started in 1963, the BBC show has had a couple of hiatuses, the longest being through the 1990s. Since its return in 2005, Dr. Who has had more complicated plot-threads which run throughout each season. For example, last season we had two sets of episodes with the River Song character, a mysterious woman whose pathway with the Doctor is running in the opposite direction. Each new time she meets him, he knows her more and she knows him less. But that is par for the course in a series about time travel, which may explain why the Chinese have banned such TV programs.

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    Bob Says:

    The premier was pretty bizarre and personally I happen to like this newer version of Dr. Who. Now that I have Sling technology with DISH Network, I can use my iPhone to watch Dr. Who anywhere I have a 3G connection. Being that I am a customer and employee of DISH I can’t recommend the TV Everywhere feature enough to anyone with a busy lifestyle.