Miss Israel’s Gal Gadot is a Maxim Girl (Photos)

June 20, 2007

The men’s fashion magazine Maxim has issued a great new issue on “Women of the Israeli Defense Forces” including former Miss Israel, Gal Gadot. The Maxim photo spread is appearing in the July 2007 issue, which features all the hot women in the Israeli IDF.

The pictures feature the former Miss Israel who is currently an army fitness instructor. In the magazine, Gal appears spread-eagled in high heels and a fashionable bikini on the top of a building in Tel Aviv. Israeli supermodel Nivit Bash is also featured.

maxim israel
Maxim Invitation to the Israeli Consulate

See the Maxim spread including Gal, Yarden, Nivit, and Natalie. And pay a visit to the incomparable Andrew Sulliavan who has the Israeli Defence Forces link you want. And you really must see the covergirl pics from the Maxim issue at Gone Hollywood. .

More photos of Gal Gadot are after the jump.

The interesting part is that the photoshoot was proposed by the Israeli government itself as a way to change their public relations image. It was not Maxim’s idea. Nevertheless, Israeli legislators are up in arms about the photo shoot which has caused quite a controversy.

Here is a video of super hot Gal at the Maxim party in New York City. In it she says that the pictures are not adult as some are saying, and that Israel is a democracy where individuals have free expression. Good for her because these are not even close to being nude photos of Gal Gadot. They are bikini fashion.

Gal Gadot at the Maxim Party (Video)

Here are sexy pictures of Gal Gadot, former Miss Israel. She really does have a nice body for a model.

gal gadotgal gadotGal Gadotgal gadotgal gadot
Photos of Gal Gadot, Miss Israel

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