The Doctor Is In – Dr. Who Marathon and Premier on BBC America (Trailer)

April 22, 2011

He′s baaack! Yes, our favorite Time Lord from the Planet Gallifrey returns with an all new season on BBC America Saturday night. Leading up to the premier, the network will be running a Dr. Who marathon all day long. The world’s longest running science fiction TV series is back with more space-time travel adventures, with actor Matt Smith playing the 11th Doctor for another season. Yes, there have been eleven Doctors, more if you count Peter Cushing and others, including Hugh Grant, who played the kooky Time Lord in movies and TV specials. But as far as the TV series goes, there have been eleven since 1963, for each time the Doctor dies, he regenerates into a new form, with a new personality.

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Matt Smith plays The Doctor as BBC America airs the season premier of Dr. Who following an all-day marathon of last season′s episodes. Image Credit: Mr. Blue /

So in case you’ve missed the fun, here is a quick review of what Dr. Who is all about. He is a human-looking alien from the Planet Gallifrey, home world of the Time Lords. Known only as ‘The Doctor’, because his real name is impossible to pronounce, he travels around the universe, hopping from planet to planet, as well as through time in a machine called the TARDIS. The name stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. The Doctor’s TARDIS looks like an old British ‘Police Box’, a sort of phone booth, as for some odd reason the machine′s ‘chameleon circuit’ was damaged. The TARDIS is also somewhat alive, with its own quirky personality and is larger inside than outside. Some of the previous Doctors have had everything from bowling alleys to swimming pools. But most of the action takes place either in its control room or on whatever planet they venture to.

They means the Doctor does not travel alone. He has had a long list of companions. One of the more memorable ones, Sarah Jane Smith, was played by Elisabeth Sladen, who just recently died this week. The latest Doctor has two Earthlings accompanying him, Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, and her husband, Rory Williams, played by Arthur Darvill. Amy featured a prominent role in last season′s story line, dealing with how fissures in space-time were opening, cracking the universe apart.

Naturally, the Doctor has enemies. The evil Daleks, a race of beings who live inside short, robot-like machines who want to exterminate everybody. The Cybermen who are beings, including humans, captured and turned into, well, Cybermen. Think of a cheaper version of the Borg from Star Trek. There are also the Sontarans, a race of warriors bent on conquering the universe. There are others, but perhaps the most dangerous of all is The Master, another Time Lord, who was driven insane after looking into the Eye of Time on Gallifrey. While he was trapped in an alternate universe, along with the rest of the Time Lords, last season, I′m sure at some point he’ll be back.

So what will Dr. Who be doing on tonight’s premier episode on BBC America? What else? The Doctor has been invited to attend the royal wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William! Duh! The Queen and the Time Lord are old chums. Matt Smith does a good job at playing the Doctor. I wasn’t crazy about him until the last two episodes of last year’s season. Then it all made sense. That is sort of the way it is with a Time Lord from Gallifrey traveling about space and time in a TARDIS. I suppose we can call it an acquired taste. But once you get into it, it is lots of fun!

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