Dumb Celeb Quote of the Week: Jennifer Lopez

April 22, 2011

Yay! It’s Friday! So who does the Dumb Celeb Quote of the Week belong to today? It’s the beautiful Jennifer Lopez! What did she have to say?

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There never seems to be a dull moment on American Idol this season. Not only for our contestants but for the judges as well. So what exactly did J Lo say this week?

Casey Abrams is definitely one cool cat. In fact, he may be one of the coolest! With Abrams’ killer performance of Maroon Five’s Harder to Breathe this week, not only was it entertaining, but one unforgettable, sneaky, and spontaneous move on his part. Without further a due, what kind of feedback did Miss Jennifer give on Casey’s behalf?

“Casey’s got soft lips.”

That pretty much sums it up, my friends! J Lo is definitely digging Casey’s Casey-isms. I’d like to know…what is it that makes him so lovable? Is it his scraggly beard? Or how about his draggy style? No, it’s gotta be the way he grits his teeth when he sings, right? Regardless of what it is, America loves him! On a different note, last night was eliminations, and we had to say goodbye to yet another fan favorite. It’s obvious that Jennifer was very sad to see her personal favorite (just a hunch) go. It looked like girlfriend was about ready to burst into tears! But just as Stefano said, this may be the end of the road for him, but really, it’s just the beginning of his career. It wouldn’t surprise me if J Lo gets with her people, to get with his people, and they come up with a some sort of business deal—just sayin’…it could happen, right? Or either that, she just leaves her husband Marc Anthony altogether for a younger guy. Whatever the case may be, it’s definitely clear that she loves herself some Stefano. I honestly can’t believe that this wild card made it to the top seven! It just goes to show that Langone may have quite the fan base to support him in whatever direction he chooses to follow…and that I guess I can appreciate!

Kudos to Jennifer Lopez for being this week’s Dumb Celeb Quote! Not only is she beautiful, but she’s got a heart of gold! Love me some J Lo!

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    Stacy Says:

    Haha, great line JLo!