Mariah Carey Over The Years (PHOTOS)

April 20, 2011

Mariah Carey is the awesome celeb I chose for this weeks “Celebs Over The Years” post. We have seen her rise, fall, and rise again so break it down!

Mariah Carey Nursery

Mariah Carey is a super star. She has sold over 63 million albums, and is the world’s third best selling female artist – just after Barbara Streisand and Madonna. She has won five Grammy Awards and has 13 albums under her belt, but she has also faced a ton of challenges.

She broke into the business in 1988 with her debut album hitting airwaves in 1990. Her self-titled album made her a star, gaining her not only a solid fan base, but critical approval. She won two Grammys, yielded four singles, and had the best selling album in the 1991. Not too shabby!

During this time she also fell in love with and married Tommy Mottola. After seven years the marriage ended. But never fear – her gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress did get some use – in her music video for “We Belong Together.” Ouch!!

Mariah went on to have several highly successful albums, including a shocker – a Christmas album! That put Mariah on the charts in Japan and made her an international super star.

In 1997 Mariah and Tommy divorced after the singer revealed she was very unhappy and felt too controlled. She seemed to go a bit wild – wearing a lot less clothing and implementing more of a hip-hop vibe into her usually easy listening type music. She was overworked and was rumored to have had a breakdown.

During an appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live (man do I miss that show!!!) she showed up unannounced and began handing out popsicles and stripped down. Enjoy that video below. By the end of the month she was talking a break from public appearances and had checked into a hospital to rest.

She made a comeback – but it sucked. She tried her acting chops with Glitter and it flopped. It was a joke and anyone who saw it is still embarrassed to admit it. I will admit it though, and really people, it wasn’t that bad!

He album, of the same name, also flopped and she was dropped from her label. Oh yea, and then her father died. It was a really rough time for the singer, but she kept on trucking. What else can you do, I guess?

In 2005 The Emancipation of Mimi came out and put the singer up on her diva pedestal, where she belongs. The album was 2005’s best-selling album in the U.S and the tour was the most successful of her career.

It has only been up hill from there. She was even able to save face and show off her acting shops in the indie film Tennessee and Precious.

She also met her hubby Nick Cannon, who clearly adores her. She is now knocked up and expecting twins! She has conquered, failed, and come back again. She is the ultimate Super Star!

Check out the massive photo gallery below. The pics range from the early 90’s to her most current photospread with Life & Style where she showed off the twins’ nursery!

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Photos: Wiggins/Nikki Nelson/Chris Connor

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