Survivor: Redemption Island, Episode 10 Recap

April 20, 2011

The recap of Episode 10 of Survivor: Redemption Island begins on Night 24 at Redemption Island (RI). Matt is praying for help to stay in The Game. He was betrayed by Boston Rob Mariano and the rest of the Ometera Tribe, a.k.a. the Omies. David joins Matt and Mike as the latest member of the former Zapatera Tribe, a.k.a. The Zappers, to be voted off. The Omies are in complete control with 6 to now just 3. What is worst for Matt, Mike and David is that they do not know what happens next? Up until now, duels at RI always involved just two people. Now there are three. Will the loser or losers form The Jury?

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Jeff Probst hosts Survivor: Redemption Island on CBS.

Day 25 at Camp Murlonio find the three remaining Zappers (Steve, Ralph and Julie) trying to eat their breakfast of rice. Phillip wanders about chanting some strange language while wearing his feather on his forehead. He notices that the Zappers seem to be eating a great deal of rice, two or three times more than his tribe mates are. So Phillip decides to hide some of their rice.

Tree mail orders the gang to RI to witness a duel. Matt, Mike and David will compete by building an 8-foot high House of Tiles. The first two to succeed remain on RI but stay alive in The Game. The loser will become the first member of The Jury. Mike gets an early lead and finishes first. Matt and David are close to each other, but Matt prevails yet again. Rob is worried as he was hoping that Matt would be defeated.

Day 26 and all heck breaks loose at Camp Mulonio, a.k.a. Camp Moron. The container the Omies use to store their rice has maggots in it and some of the bottom rice is damp and mildewy. Phillip and Andrea spread the rice out on a towel or such and separate what is still edible. Phillip wants to store it in the Zapper′s rice container, but they refuse.

Phillip and Steve then argue back and forth over who owns the rice and the container. Phillip thinks since The Merge, the rice and container belongs to the whole tribe. Steve disagrees as the Omies have been quite deliberate in depriving the Zappers of their goods, like the tarp-covered part of the shelter. The arguing gets loud and nasty with Phillip bragging about his Kung-Fu skills, implying a physical threat. Steve calls Phillip crazy, which Phillip interprets as being racially motivated. The arguing gets very ugly, even Rob and the other Omies are turned off by the whole affair.

Day 27 and it is time for an Immunity Challenge. It is a two-stage event to solve a pair of puzzles. The first six to complete the first advance to the second puzzle. Only the first to finish wins immunity. Rob is first in Round One, followed by Julie, Ralph, Andrea, Steve and Grant. So it will be three Zappers facing three Omies. The final round is a close one but Rob manages to be first and wins immunity. Steve hopes that they can get two of the Omies to go along with them and give Phillip the boot.

Back at camp, the Zappers eat more rice. While the rest are away, Julie decides to cause trouble and grabs Phillip’s swim trunks off the clothesline and hides them. She buries them near a bush and puts a rock over them. Phillip returns wearing only his revealing pink underwear and notices his shorts are missing. He makes a lot of noise as he accuses the Zappers, namely Steve, of stealing them. Phillip winds up using a buff as a loincloth to cover his junk. Rob is not sure whom they should vote off tonight?

At Tribal Council, David joins the gang and sits on the Jury Log. He watches as Jeff Probst brings up Phillip’s new look. Phillip explains that one of the Zappers, probably Steve, stole his swim trunks. With that issue hanging out there, pardon the pun, the issue of the great rice fight comes up. The Zappers accuse Phillip of threatening them and using the N-word. Phillip argues back that Steve called him crazy, implying the naughty word. Jeff is flabbergasted. He tries to get to the bottom of the matter, playing moderator. Phillip goes on about how none of the others can understand racism. Steve brings up his NFL days and claims he is not a racist. Jeff tries to counsel both and asks Rob for his take on the situation. Rob says he does not get it and Natalie agrees with both Phillip and Steve that she probably cannot understand how Phillip feels or what Steve is really thinking. Julie admits to hiding Phillip’s shorts. Steve tells all that they are voting for Phillip and hopes a few Omies join with them just to have some peace and quiet. Phillip acknowledges that this latest brawl may effect his game.

It is time to vote. We see the Zappers all vote for Phillip and he casts his vote against Julie. Jeff grabs the ballots and counts them. The vote is 6-3 against Julie. As Jeff snuffs out her torch, she says they′ll never find Phillip’s shorts! Jeff tells everyone that from this point forward, everything they say and do will effect their chances at winning a million dollars.

Spoilers for next week’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island show that somehow, Phillip has a good day! That ought to be interesting. Andrea, on the other hand, is beginning to feel expendable and threatened. Over at Redemption Island, Matt is in a very low state emotionally. Will he come unglued and finally lose a duel?

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