Supernatural Frontierland Photos & Episode Details!

April 20, 2011

Supernatural’s season 6 episode entitled ‘Frontierland’ will air this coming Friday, April 22nd, on the CW bringing fans along for the ride when Sam and Dean make a trip to the Wild Wild West! Get the details here surrounding the episode you’ve been waiting for since the teasers from this year’s PaleyFest. Plus check out photos from the episode below the fold!

Supernatural Frontierland 1

By the sounds of it Jensen Ackles had the most fun in this latest Supernatural episode where the Winchester brothers travel back in time to get their hands on the ashes of a Phoenix in order to do away with Eve, the Mother of All Evil!

And although we won’t see Sam and Dean perched on two horses on the range (don’t worry Ackles said he took them for a ride on break) the 60 minute western will showcase the guys in their cowboy gear (Sam will be complaining!), and we’ll get to see Dean’s high noon shoot out, a good old fashion hanging, the real Samuel Colt (guest star Sam Hennings) and his iconic gun. Some Back To The Future references will also be part of the hour, and a new character – Castiel’s stern lieutenant Rachel will be introduced. Not only does she dislike the Winchester brothers, but she does something we won’t be expecting!

More of the truth behind Castiel’s Titanic blunder will also be revealed. After he hid the truth from Sam and Dean, secrets are sure to come to the forefront. And while the Winchesters are back in the Wild West West, Cas will be dealing with the war in Heaven. Bobby and the everybody’s favorite angel will also connect on a deeper level in Frontierland. This should be good!

What do you think Supernatural fans? Are you psyched that we’ll finally see the Winchesters in the role of cowboys? And what about Cas and his secrets? Give us your thoughts below and stick around to check out promo pics from the CW featuring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki below!

The episode was directed by Guy Bee, written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin, with the story by Andrew Dabb, Daniel Loflin & Jackson Stewart.

Supernatural Frontierland 2Supernatural Frontierland 3Supernatural Frontierland 4Supernatural Frontierland 5Supernatural Frontierland 6

Photos Courtesy of The CW

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2 Responses to “Supernatural Frontierland Photos & Episode Details!”

  1. 1
    Jeanette Says:

    Looks like this will be a great episode!

  2. 2
    Chris Says:

    I am very excited, though more so for the introduction of Rachel and Cas and Bobby’s scenes. In addition to being entertaining, this episode is sure to be important to the overall story this year.