Royally Mad Finale Recap (Video)

April 20, 2011

BBC America continues its ramp-up to the royal wedding April 29 between Kate Middleton and Prince William by airing the finale of Royally Mad. Cat Deeley hosts this reality TV game show where five Americans get a royal tour of London and compete for a mystery grand prize. The player who wins the most challenges, and royal wedding souvenirs wins this mystery prize.

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Cat Deely hosts BBC Ameica’s royal wedding reality TV show, Royally Mad.

As we last left off, our five Yanks were awaken at the Milestone Hotel by their very own butler, Terry. After dressing, they assemble for a traditional English breakfast and are joined by Cat. The breakfast consisted of fish, rice, boiled eggs and curry. Cat decides to make this a challenge and asks if anybody knows the proper name for the breakfast. Nobody knows, so Cat plays hard and tells them it is Kedgeree and nobody wins a prize.

Today′s schedule is for the group to walk the actual wedding route! They start at Westminster Abbey and are joined by Caroline MacDonald-Haig, an actual ‘blue-badge’ London tour guide. Getting a blue badge is a difficult and lengthy process, so Caroline really knows her stuff. The route that Kate and William will take to Buckingham Palace consists of passing by several major London landmarks, like Parliament, and will take about 90 minutes by horse drawn carriage.

The gang wraps up their tour at St. James Palace, home of the Household Cavalry, where Cat unveils another challenge. Around back they find two unmanned sentry posts, so each contestant must pretend to be on sentry duty. Holly does the best job and wins a small Kate and William dessert plate. An officer of the Guard shows up and invites Cat and the gang in for a drink! No TV cameras are allowed, but their visit inside is recorded with plenty of snapshots. Only later after they leave does Cat tell them that the Captain of the Guard told her that Prince Harry was in the Palace at the time. How about that! It is a good thing she kept it secret or else there would probably be an international incident!

While they relax, Cat has another challenge. She holds up a board with several photos of women models on a catwalk at a fashion show. The ladies′ faces are obscured by English flags. They must guess which photo is that of Kate Middleton from the fashion show where she was first noticed by Prince William. Allison guesses correctly and wins a Kate and William tea towel!

Next stop is a lesson in royal protocol and etiquette with Liz Brewer. She is a regular guest at Buckingham Palace and shows the group an actual wedding invitation! Cat plays the Queen as Liz teaches them how to meet royalty. Needless to say, this becomes another challenge. Rich, the only male in the group, almost curtsies! Allison wins this challenge as well and a royal wedding souvenir of a Kate and William refrigerator magnet! I′ll tell you, I would hate to see just how many of these silly souvenirs a true royal fanatic will be buying and accumulating.

The next stop is to Garrad’s the royal family jewelers since 1736. The manager, Stephen Walker, gives them an exclusive tour including to their secret ‘crown room’. They also get to try on some genuine royal bling such as tiaras and authentic replicas of Princess Diana’s engagement ring! Holly was a bit of trouble removing her ring until Stephen mentions they have a sword handy to remedy the situation. LOL!

Cat then treats the Yanks to a clothing spree. She takes the ladies to Katie & Jo’s for princess-worthy evening gowns. Rich is sent by himself to get ‘suited and booted’ at Gieves & Hawkes, the actual clothier who will tailor Prince William′s Royal Air Force uniform for the wedding day! The ladies get help from Nikki Pennies who regularly styles for Kate Middleton and other royals.

The next day is the last one for our Royally Mad Americans. Cat takes them to the Richard Ward Salon, the very place that Kate Middleton and Prince William go. The gang gets a royal makeover, including Rich. Then it is back to the hotel to dress for their special dinner. But first, after dressing, Cat assembles them for a photo shoot with none other than an official royal photographer, Ian Pelham-Turner. He was the one who took the first publicly released photo of Prince William as a baby with Charles and Diana!

Ian recounts the details of the special day. He was only allowed 7 minutes to photograph and protocol demanded that he could not speak with the royals. For the first 4 minutes, Ian said, Princess Diana held a large teething ring in front of her face while Prince Charles held baby William. Ian was becoming somewhat frustrated so he gave a little grunt, which made Diana notice that the ring was blocking her face. So she moved it back, which caused baby William to react, stretching out his arms. That is when Ian snapped his award-winning photo! After he took pictures of the Yanks, Cat had a surprise guest. In walks in Prince William! Well, no, actual it was a professional impersonator. But still, it was a good joke and everybody had their pictures taken with the faux-William.

The last and final stop was an authentic Victorian ballroom in Trafalgar Square, recently renovated for a movie being produced by Madonna about King Edward and his abdication to marry the American divorcee, Mrs. Simpson. Terry the Butler gives them a crash course in royal dining etiquette, such as which silverware to use and what to do if you do not like the food served (you must move or stir it around until the next course). The dinner menu is a traditional English fare. Salmon and poached egg on a toasted muffin. Then a pea and ham soup which none of the Yanks cared for much. The last course was their favorite, Scottish lamb.

Ian joins the Royally Mad Americans with their photographs. As it turns out, the photo-shoot was a secret, tie-breaker challenge as both Karen and Allison won three challenges. Ian casts the winning vote to Karen, whom wins a 7-day trip for two to Jamaica! But Cat Deeley has consolation prize for Allison. Her boyfriend arrives and proposes marriage to her! So ends the BBC America royal wedding special, Royally Mad.

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