Glee Recap: A Night Of Neglect

April 20, 2011

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for a new episode of Glee ever since the Klaine kiss. Tonight’s ep, titled ‘A Night of Neglect’, marked the return of some of my favorite characters – Holly Holliday, Sunshine Corazon, crazy Terri Schuester and Sandy Ryerson, just to name a few. Here’s what you missed…on Glee!


It’s fundraising time for the Glee kids, as Mr. Schue informs the group that they need to raise $5,000 in order to travel to Nationals. Let the saltwater taffy selling begin! While they complain that they’re still not getting the respect they deserve, Mike (awesome abs) Chang is irritated that the club is grumbling. Why the frustration Mike? Evidently he, Artie, Tina and Brittany (the Braniacs) are headed to the Academic Decathlon championship in Detroit (yes…Brittany) and they need some funds as well to get themselves there. Nice flashback of Brittany and her apparent knowledge of cat diseases gives them the win. So Mr. Schue comes to the Braniacs’ aid and adds them to the fundraising efforts as well.

As Will and Holly get together for some pizza, she gives him the idea of having a benefit to raise money for Nationals, where the kids sing songs by ‘neglected artists’, thus the birth of ‘Night of Neglect’.

Sue has rounded up some old characters in her latest effort to do away with the Glee Club and whom also have a dislike for Will – Terri Schuester, Dustin Goolsby (Vocal Adrenaline coach) and Sandy Ryerson. Of course psycho Terri makes it known that she in no way hates Will. We know, Terri. We know. Sue labels the trio as the ‘League of Doom’ and gives each of them beepers, telling them to watch out for her signal. Word gets to Sue about the benefit and a new club is formed under the direction of Sandy – the Hecklers Club. We see Becky, Jacob and Azimio as the new student hecklers.

I was so excited to see Charice Pempengco back as Sunshine Corazon, she is aware of the benefit as well and wants to perform. The Glee kids are skeptical, claiming she’s just a spy for Vocal Adrenaline, and she wows them with her rendition of ‘All By Myself’. She may be a petite little thing, but the Filipina beauty has some powerhouse vocals. She won the group over with the exception of…wait for it…Rachel, and Sunshine made mention of the fact that she has over 600 Twitter followers that for sure would buy tickets to the benefit. That got the Glee kids chomping at the bit. Rachel told Mercedes that she’d have to give up her solid spot in the lineup so that Sunshine can sing and in true Mercedes fashion, she gives in. Girlfriend always is second fiddle. This didn’t bode well with Lauren, finding Mercedes in the library and telling her that she needs some RESPECT from the group. Before you know it, Lauren is Mercedes’ manager. Cedes goes on to become very diva like (call me Ms. Jones), demanding outrageous things (a humidifier, a bowl of green M&Ms and a puppy to dry her hands on) in her dressing room. Hilare!

Uncle Jesse, I mean Dr. Carl, is no longer in the picture, as Emma reveals to Will that he asked for an annulment. Sigh, I will miss John Stamos. Anyways, in a sweet gesture, Will tells Emma that he is there for her, grabs her lunch tote, slides those crazy gloves of hers on, cleans off a grape and gives it to her. We see Holly lurking in the hallway witnessing the tender moment.

Cocky Dustin Goolsby (but oh so handsome), the director of Vocal Adrenaline, shows up in Holly’s classroom (who just got done teaching the kids about Nazi hermaphrodites) trying to seduce her. In walks Will, he becomes angry, Dustin leaves, and he and Holly have words. He questions why she didn’t show up to have lunch with him, she tells him she did but he looked a bit busy.

Of course Sunshine doesn’t show up for the benefit (neither do her 600 Twitter followers), and the only ones in the audience are Klaine, Mr. Schue and the Heckling Club. The kids feel defeated already, but the show must go on! Tina does her rendition of ‘I Follow Rivers’ by Lykke Li, only to be…you guessed it…heckled off stage. Tina is just mortified by what happened. Saltwater taffy is handed out to the hecklers, in an effort to shut their traps. Mike is up next and shows off his mad dancing skills to the tune of Jack Johnson’s ‘Bubble Toes’. Yo! Perfection. Ms. Holly Holliday is center stage next, taking on ‘Turning Tables’. Okay, Adele she is not, but she pulled it off in my book. Will is clearly overcome with emotion.

Mercedes’ number is next, but Lauren announces to the group that she has left the building. Rachel finds her and the two talk.

Mercedes: Why are you a bigger star than me? You always get the big solos. Why is it never me?

Rachel: I’d rather be a star than be liked.

Mercedes: I just wanted that closing slot.

Rachel: Well, if you wanted that closing slot, go in there and take it from me!

Mercedes comes back to perform and belts out Aretha Franklin’s ‘Ain’t No Way’ like nobody’s business! Sandy loses it, and starts to cry during her performance. After her number, she tells Rachel to get out there to close the show, but Rachel says there’s no way she can follow that performance and congratulates her for having the best closing number ever.

Holly informs Will that she was just offered a job in Cleveland teaching French, which sets up their break-up. She tells him that he knew this was how it was going to end and besides, he’s in love with someone else. Oh, and Emma feels the same way too. Cue Terri Schuester to put the kibosh on that.

In the end, the Braniacs get to go to Detroit after all, and New Directions will head to Nationals, as Sandy decides to fund their trips with his ‘drug money’.

We see the Braniacs in the Academic Decathlon final and the score is tied. The next category for the win — Hermaphrodite Nazi sympathizers. Bah ha ha. Good thing Ms. Holliday had a lesson on that subject exactly, lol!

What did you think of the episode, Gleeks? For me it was just okay. I’m looking forward to next week, though, as the Born This Way ep will be 90 minutes long! Check back next week for my recap…until then have a wonderful gleeful week!



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    Scarlett Says:

    I liked it because they were finally back, but your right – next week will be better! I didn’t think Gwyneth Paltrow did that great either. She looked like she was struggling with that number. The drug money donation was a little over the top, but funny!