Brooke Mueller Keeps Custody of Twins Despite Drug Relapse

April 19, 2011

A decision has been reached in the Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen custody battle that keeps little Bob and Max with their mom, despite the fact that she is back in rehab. Wow those poor boys!

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Can someone please tell me what the heck the judge was thinking leaving custody of the twins with Brooke? I am not saying they should have gone to Charlie at all because they so shouldn’t have. Personally I think that it is time for a grandparent or respectable relative of some sort to step in because clearly neither Mueller or Sheen are competent enough to raise the kids. Both of them were present at the court hearing today as she was let out of rehab for it and Charlie left is disastrous tour to be present, oh how thoughtful of them both.

I heard a rumor that Denise Richards offered to take the boys and quite honestly she is a much better choice than druggie Brooke and whacked out Charlie. I may have hated her reality show and she may have annoyed me but at least Denise puts her children first. She also seems to do a pretty good job of keeping them shielded from their out there father’s antics as much as she can which is a plus in my book.

While Brooke once again tries to kick her drug habit her mother will be the primary caretaker for the young tots. I guess that is something for the time being but I really just feel so bad for these kids and think they need a more stable environment permanently. I know I am sounding preachy here but man it drives me crazy that Max and Bob are caught up in all the drama of their parent’s lives.

Clearly you can tell my thoughts on the subject so before I go off on too much of a tangent let me stop. However just because I am shutting up doesn’t mean you have too. I welcome your thoughts on this topic!

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Photos: FU/STS/Nikki Nelson

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    Sandy Says:

    Not sure if this is the brightest idea