Evan Rachel Wood Swings Both Ways!

April 16, 2011

So I guess Evan Rachel Wood is not exactly looking for a new man. In fact, it doesn’t matter male or female since girlfriend comes out of the closet, or at least half way!

Evan Rachel Wood

Ladies are you listening? Wood, who we remember as the girl who was once engaged to eccentric rocker Marilyn Manson, is now singing a different tune! Or has she always? She definitely is mysterious in nature, even she says so herself!

So what is it about Evan Rachel Wood that makes her so extraordinary? The actress being the a hopeless romantic that she is, has declared that not only is she open to men, but also women when it comes to finding a mate. Since her relationships in the media have only been men, this may come as a surprise to some of you, however, it’s just “androgynous” to her, says E Online. In an exclusive interview with Esquire Magazine, the Mildred Pierce star shares that when involved with a woman, she wears the pants in the relationship. She believes in opening doors for her lady, and even flipping the bill for a charming night with her sweetheart. I guess this makes her feel dominant?

I think it totally makes sense. Dating such a man like Marilyn Manson says enough, doesn’t it? What’s more appealing is that even though the couple were so dissimilar, (enter opposites attract here) they both seem to have shared a liking for all things different…and that I can appreciate!

Coincidentally, Wood also played Sophie-Anne, a lesbian vampire queen in the hit television series True Blood, it’s no wonder she exceeded all expectations in her role! Not to mention, super seductive too! Maybe since her True Blood co-star Anna Paquin recently came out with her sexual preference, perhaps this was a convenient outlet for her to announce her sexuality.

Controversial or not, either way, it’s her prerogative!

Evan Rachel Wood talks Mildred Pierce below. Also, check out a clip from her role on True Blood. Be sure to leave us your thoughts about the actress’ sexual orientation below.

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