Amid Ugly Custody Battle – What’s Next For Sheen’s Kids?

April 18, 2011

Whether Charlie Sheen’s hilarious antics are real or feigned, his public firing may be the least of his worries as Brooke Mueller struggles with problems of her own.

Charlie Sheen

The train wreck that began one strange Christmas morning has now culminated into a custody battle, with wild accusations flying and children hanging in the balance.

While Sheen travels the country bringing his brand of nutty humor from state to state, Brooke Mueller has apparently been struggling with addiction.

The bizarre baton has passed from the machete waving “tiger blood” champ to his estranged wife, who was reportedly caught trying to pawn electronics last week – even though she receives nearly $55,000 a month in child support. She has now checked herself back into rehab.

Now that Charlie is ranting on road and Brooke is at a rehab center, what will come of their twin boys? For now, they are safe at home with Brooke’s mother, but this ugly tug-of-war will likely take a toll on them.

An epic child custody battle is already underway, and the news that Brooke entered treatment apparently riled up Charlie, who is now seeking full custody of the boys. Meanwhile, Brooke’s attorneys are also planning to land her full custody, apparently on the grounds that Charlie is not mentally stable.

I wouldn’t be all that surprised if a judge orders that the kids stay away from both of them for a while – it may be better anyway.

Sheen had his wild hotel trashing night, and admitted to using drugs. He’s had the police at his house on suspicion that he violated the terms of a restraining order, and of course, he has been acting just a tad unstable.

But with Brooke’s apparent drug problems on the table, things could take a sad turn for the boys.

Will their attempts to destroy each other do more damage to their children? I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

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    Stacy Says:

    Talk about two people who shouldn’t have had kids…