Nicolas Cage’s Arrest Tops Off Wild Morning

April 18, 2011

The IRS is not the only government agency paying mind to Nicolas Cage these days. After a reported drunken early morning kerfuffle with his wife, the actor has now caught the attention of the police in New Orleans.

nicolas cage

The headlines haven’t been too kind to Cage in the last year or so. For a while they were all related to his tax troubles, which included reports that he owed the IRS a major pile of cash in back taxes. Part of the deal was that a home he owned would have a lien placed on it – ugly stuff.

Now it seems to have taken yet another turn for the worse after Cage was brought in on domestic violence charges early Saturday morning. But this wasn’t your typical husband and wife argument gone awry. The chain of events is pretty bizarre, even as celebrity arrests go.

As usual, celebrity news goliath TMZ is leading the charge with up-to-date information. The melee apparently began early Saturday morning in New Orleans.

According to reports, Cage stumbled into a tattoo parlor in ‘Nawlins with his wife Alice Kim. Video is now circulating the web showing the two locked in a heated argument at the shop, which apparently involved trying to remember where they were staying while in town.

One report even claims that Cage actually asked the people in the parlor to call police because he couldn’t remember where he lived.

Once outside the parlor, he reportedly shoved his wife, punched a few cars, and then taunted New Orleans Police. Needless to say, he was cuffed and stuffed shortly thereafter. He now faces charges of domestic battery and disturbing the peace.

Amazingly, he showed up for work Monday as if nothing ever happened. It seems the production company will continue work on ‘Medallion,’ while this thing is ironed out.

I’m left wondering what’s next? Check out the video from the tattoo show below.

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