Celebrities Who Are All About Being Green!

April 18, 2011

Earth Week reminds us all that we need to do our part to protect our planet. There are also many celebrities who are all about being green and sharing their passion for a better environment.


Being Green is one hot topic that quite honestly we should all be making it a priority in our lives. Many of your favorite celebs are setting an example by living a green life and using their star status to create awareness on the subject.

Here are just a few of those people who are all about being green.

Leonardo Dicaprio

The hunky star certainly practices what he preaches from biking when he can, to driving a Hybrid to buying eco-friendly homes. Yes Leo puts his money where his mouth is even when it costs him. Plus he produced his own documentary about Global Warming to get the word out.

Brad Pitt

It is no secret that Pitt has a passion project in New Orleans that has helped rebuild part of the city with eco-friendly homes. It was a tall order but the star rose to the challenge and is still a big part of the project that began years ago.

Soleil Moon Frye

Up until she opened her eco-friendly baby store three years ago the brunette beauty was best known as Punky Brewster. Now she is known for her store The Little Seed which carries green products from furniture to organic crayons and oh so much more.

Peter Reckell

Days of Our Lives hottie Reckell has been biking to work instead of driving for years. Plus he and his wife have literally torn down their old house, sent the items to Mexico for Habitat for Humanity and then built a brand new eco-friendly home.

Sheryl Crow

Along with doing a college tour to talk about going green the singer started her own eco-friendly clothing line. She too drives a Hybrid and has solar panels her home. Plus she had an eco-friendly baby shower!

Willie Nelson

The country singer has a company that works at getting biodiesel fuel installed at truck stops. Again it is a tall order but it Is a project that Nelson takes pride in.

Bette Midler

Midler is constantly working to help take empty lots in New York City and turn them into parks. She has been quite successful too. I actually got to see her in action in the city once, quite impressive.

Ellen DeGeneres

Funny lady Ellen promotes living organically not just for people but animals too. She even created an all natural line of Pet Food. Ellen also devotes time on her show for going green tips.

Adrian Grenier

The Entourage hunk not only practices what he preaches but he wants to teach you how to live green too. He co-created the show Alter Eco on Planet Green as well as created the website where you can find green products of all kinds called SHFT.

Alison Sweeney

It is all about baby steps to living green for The Biggest Loser host. From using cloth grocery bags to not leaving your taps running to turning off the lights, Sweeney believes every little thing you do can add up to a lot.

I realize that there are oh so many celebs that I left of this list. These are just some of the people I follow or look up to when it comes to being green. I have the utmost respect for anyone famous or not who works to make our planet better so please share with me some of your favorite people famous or not who you think are an eco-friendly inspiration.

Photos: www.wenn.com

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    Stacy Says:

    Love it, great post! I love Alison Sweeney!