Donald Trump Fires Gary Busey From Celebrity Apprentice

April 18, 2011

During last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump fired actor Gary Busey after the men′s team, Backbone lost another challenge. Busey was the team’s Project Manager and was largely responsible for the loss. During a contentious board room meeting, Meatloaf, Lil John and John Rich all blamed Busey for being disorganized and were all frustrated by his crazy antics. The ladies’ team, ASAP, won the Omaha Steak challenge with former Playboy playmate Hope Dworaczyk leading as PM, enjoying a victory with her team of LaToya Jackson, Marlee Matlin, Nene Leakes and Star Jones.

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Gary Busey, pictured above, was fired last night during Celebrity Apprentice by Donald Trump. Image Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/

Gary Busey took the firing in good fashion and even added his trademark crazy-spin to it. Upon driving off in the back of the car, Gary said “I can turn a thunderstorm and a tornado into a rainbow and I′m flying over a rainbow tonight. Who knows? That could be true.” Yeah, right, Gary! You certainly are flying over a rainbow!

The series had begun with the men′s team, Backbone, defeating the women repeatedly. ASAP had many personality conflicts and lost several challenges in a row. But once they were reduced to the present five players, the tide turned as Busey’s antics began creating conflict amongst the men. The past two weeks, the men lost and while they all but pleaded with Donald Trump to rid their team of Gary, Trump fired others he deemed more responsible for the defeats instead.

But the Gary Busey flying circus came to a crashing end last night finally. His poor management style and lack of focus cost the men dearly. Their menu of Omaha Steak products was in error, with the wrong items listed, plus a couple of misspellings. A lack of time management led to the men being unable to do a dress rehearsal of their presentation. During the actual presentation before a live audience, as well as two executives from Omaha Steaks, Gary Busey delivered long and confusing narratives, causing some puzzled looks from the crowd.

During the Celebrity Apprentice board meeting with Donald Trump, along with daughter Ivanka and son Don, Jr., Meatloaf was so frustrated with Busey that Meatloaf was beside himself and could not articulate any opinions. “I’m beyond the point of anger.” he told The Donald. John Rich then brought up how Busey had addressed him as “boy” at one point. Busey denied this, saying he called the country musician “ca’boy” as in cowboy. But Donald Trump, nor anybody else, was buying that one. Thus, Trump looked Busey in the eye and told him, “You’re fired!”

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