Sister Wives Recap: First Wife Meri’s cancer scare and appreciation dinner!

April 17, 2011

They’ve opened up to the world about their polygamist lifestyle and now they are celebrating it with a dinner party event. Each member of the Sister Wives family invites a special someone that is close to them (whether it be from a job or grade school) to introduce to the other adult members of the family. We also get a look into a health scare for first wife Meri that has Kody and the rest of the family concerned about Meri’s health.

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She has a family history of colon cancer, with her sister Teresa passing away at the young age of 31 years old. In this episode we follow Meri to the hospital where she undergoes a colonoscopy to search for potentially cancerous polyps that could be deadly. The doctor did discover two polyps and sent them to the lab for biopsy. The results were revealed that Meri’s polyps were not cancerous, however she must return to the hospital in three years to be checked again. In the meantime, the other wives share how they would deal with the loss of another sister wife. Basically we find that despite a loss, the other wives would take care of the deceased wives’ children. Robyn made it clear that she believes that all of the kids are her kids too but unfortunately for Robyn, because she was previously married and her biological father to her children is no longer her husband, her children would more than likely go to him.

The highlight of the show came when Kody and company invited monogamous friends over to their home. The occasion? To celebrate friends who have been there for them despite their polygamist lifestyle.

The popular quote of the night comes from Kody. It seemed to me as if I heard him say, “People don’t like what they don’t understand”, at least a few times. Ok we get it.

While the family made it a point to share their happiness for outing their polygamist lifestyle, we get a preview of next week’s show that has the family in tears and contemplating a decision that ‘could tear the family apart’. So are they really happy?

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