Love Triangle Interview With Wendy Williams!

April 17, 2011

Wendy Williams is one heck of a busy lady and her schedule just got busier with the addition of the new GSN game show Love Triangle. The show premiered last week and is getting great buzz but then again pretty much everything Wendy does generates buzz.

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I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A interview with the one and only Wendy Williams. She dished about her new show, her busy life and her recent stint on Dancing With The Stars. Williams is a talker that is for sure which made the interview one of the most enjoyable ones I have ever done.

Obviously a big part of what Wendy shared had to do with her new show Love Triangle, which she and her husband just so happen to executive produce. The schedule for taping the show fit into her talk show schedule nicely which she admitted is the first question she asked before taking on the project. That plus the fact that she loves game shows made her decision to take the job an easy one. Love Triangle taped 32 episodes in about four weekends leaving her free to film her talk show during the week.

What was it about this new show that made Wendy want to be a part of it? Well to begin with there is a lie detector or trust buster as it is called on the show. Williams has always wanted to do something with a lie detector. She tried to get one The Wendy Williams Show but there was no place to fit one in. Plus it is like an offshoot of Ask Wendy that gives her the common thread of helping people solve problems in her life right now. She also loved that it’s three people and one person chooses between two people because that’s a real life situation. It’s a gay thing, a straight thing; it’s a black-white-mixed race thing. It’s modern love played out on TV. I watched the premiere and although I don’t usually like those kinds of shows it wasn’t half bad.

The show has a personality test that covers the areas of money, lifestyle, family, and sex. Wendy gave us her thoughts on what area she thought was most important which is lifestyle. Her answer is based on what she has learned from filming which is that people don’t talk about the most basic things like religion, how to raise a kids, etc. It is lifestyle choices that people do not talk about according to Wendy.

Williams has a lot of opinions and no problem sharing them. So that got some of us wondering if she ever had a problem holding back from saying something because a certain contestant is either not ready to hear it or won’t understand it to begin with? Well I am sure as you can imagine that answer is yes, sometimes she does. However she thinks that the part that she has to hold back on is because of the way the show is designed. She can’t just tells someone which one to pick or tell a person they screwed up and picked the wrong choice.

There was so much more that Wendy discussed but before I get too far into that let me share with you the questions I got to ask her.

Rachelle: If you were describing the show to someone who had never heard of it, how would you describe it so their interest would be peekd?
Wendy: This is a show about real life situations where one person wants to choose between two people they’ve been having relations with. It gets messy and sticky. We’ve got a series of questions in our lifestyle survey. The questions surround lifestyle, money, and of course, there’s the lie detector, which we call the trust buster. That really does get to the bottom of things. In the end, the person makes a choice. You must leave with only one person, not two.

Rachelle: Can you talk a little bit about your experience on Dancing with the Stars?
Wendy: It was fun and tedious at the same time. I knew exactly what I was getting into. Thanks to the Internet, you can Google anything and figure it out from there. I mean I knew I was going to be practicing for five hours a day for six days a week initially. Then, it was brought down to four days of practicing because we were out in L.A. on Monday and Tuesday. I knew that I was going to need tremendous help with the Wendy show, a little modification of our show days, the tapings, and stuff. I also knew I was going to lose a few pounds. I knew I was going to be judged for something that I don’t know anything about in front of 40 million people. I knew I’d have swollen feet and that whole bit. Nothing about the experience surprised me, including being eliminated early. What I would caution other celebrities when regarding Dancing with the Stars, be sure that you have a really good support system around you to help you pick up the pieces where you’re not going to be able to do things. Also, most importantly, for yourself, you have to be emotionally strong.

With a full time talk show, now a game show, an appearance on DWTS and One Life To Love, plus a husband and son who need her attention, how does the working woman do it all? She gets a lot of behind the scenes help from her staff at The Wendy Williams show but she too h works hard in order to make sure she doesn’t drop the ball. Then there is her husband who is also be her manager and business partner, he goes where she goes whenever possible. As for her ten year-old son having parents in the biz is all he has ever known so he deals with the ciaos. She is lucky to have a great support system at home and at work. She even gave some advice to young people starting out in journalism and it is simple have a Plan B because in many cases that will pay your bills while you work on your dream, especially since you never know when you big break will come. Pretty sound advice if you ask me.

Although it seems like she already does so much Williams revealed there is more she aspires to do. She wants to have her own brand of merchandise that includes wigs and handbags. Wendy hopes to brand herself with merchandise she is passionate about, even perhaps a line of home goods. It seems perfect to me that she would want to have her own line of wigs, chick loves her wigs!

I was thrilled to get the chance to talk to the one and only Wendy Williams. Her new show Love Triangle airs at 7PM EST on GSN if you haven’t watched it I say check it out!

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Photos: Nelson/Ivan Nikolov/Andres Otereo

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    Jon Says:

    Sounds like an interesting show.. we’ll see how long it lasts in this tough TV market.