Supernatural ‘My Heart Will Go On’ Recap

April 15, 2011

Supernatural fans can breathe a sigh of relief now that Sam and Dean are back with a whole round of new episodes after more than a month long hiatus. Returning tonight, the Winchester brothers come face to face with a petite little blonde, dressed like a librarian (no not the Casa Erotica kind either!), named Fate, a dead Ellen, and watch as history is changed when Balthazar raises the Titanic on its 99th anniversary! Read the ‘My Heart Will Go On’ recap below and tell us what you thought of the episode.

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So what did we learn from tonight’s new episode of Supernatural? Well for starters – Bobby’s softer side is always going to be a short lived one, Dean breaks records with his knack at cracking jokes about the dead only six seconds after their demise, Sam is still intact, even with the wall in his head about to come tumbling down, and Castiel is up to no good!

It seems Cas was trying to pick up 50,000 souls or so, giving Balthazar the green light to raise the Titanic. You have to hand it to the show runners – just because he didn’t like the movie?! Changing history, and his identity to I.P. Freely (hilarious), the quirky angel, who is a real thorn in Sam and Dean’s side, manages to change history, inadvertently bringing Ellen and Jo back from the dead, but not without consequences.

In this new reality Ellen and Bobby are married (which comes off pretty natural), Jo is out of town and Sam and Dean are lovingly called the “boys”, whose hunt of the week involves tracking down family members in a blood line that seems jinxed. Eventually making the right connections, Sam and Dean figure out that these crazy accidents involving a copy machine, a garage door gone crazy, and strings of gold are actually the evil doings of Fate, who is not only ticked off at Cas and his charge, but the Winchesters who have ruined her job after they put a stop to the apocalypse.

Did you want to laugh when Dean and Sam finally spot Fate, who stops the clock to turn all of the gas on in a dark and abandoned restaurant? Come on, Dean’s lighter always gives out at the worst times! Balthazar’s offer to remove the stick from Fate’s backside was also pretty funny. And what about Dean’s love for Winslet’s rack? A dig at the Butterfly Effect also gave me a good laugh!

By the show’s end, Balthazar and Cas restore history to its natural order, Ellen fades away, Bobby finally sleeps and the Impala has returned. That still leaves us with Castiel and his problems with the heavens above. Lying to Sam and Dean, he simply states that all of it was really just because his fellow “frat brother” didn’t like the movie before he disappears. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how all of this plays out with five remaining episodes left in season 6.

Next week Supernatural returns with Sam and Dean making their way back in time to the Wild Wild West, and it looks like Dean really enjoys himself! Until next week, meanwhile, tell us what you though of tonight’s episode? What’s your take on Cas? When will Sam go dark side? We want to know what you think!

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