Hugh Hefner: Paris, Pose For Playboy

June 19, 2007

Hugh Hefner has an offer for Paris Hilton once she gets out of the slammer: Pose in Playboy. He told Access Hollywood that it was a standing offer but that the problem was “Mama Hilton”, who does not want Paris to pose.

He doesn’t believe that Paris is to blame for her legal woes either:

“I think to some extent [Paris] lives in a celebrity bubble,” he reasoned. “I don’t even think she was aware of the fact she was breaking the law. I think it’s sad.”

I find it humorous that Kathy Hilton doesn’t want innocent Paris to pose in Playboy. Um, Kathy, have you forgotten about your daughter’s sex tape? I think she was a little nekkie in that, right? Heh heh.

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5 Responses to “Hugh Hefner: Paris, Pose For Playboy”

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    NewsToob » Daily Links on the Toob Says:

    […] Hugh wants Paris to pose for Playboy – Right Celebrity […]

  2. 2
    Tony Rossi Says:

    I seen Paris hanging out with Carmine Caifano known Mobster in Pure….

  3. 3
    Tony Rossi Says:

    Marshall Caifano had a meeting with Hugh Hefner, about opening of the PlayBoy Club he spoke about this meeting with the Las Vegas Crime Boss…Las Vegas sun….Hefner said the Mob Boss met with him twice…

  4. 4
    Anthony Rossi Says:

    Hugh Hefner had a meeting with Las Vegas Crime Boss Marshall Caifano…about the playboy club..Hefner turn down the mob…Paris hilton was seen parting with Carmine Caifano at Pure night club….

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