Joss Stone Considers Lesbianism

June 19, 2007

Frustrated by failed relationships and loser boyfriends, Joss Stone is considering giving up on men all together!

The 20-year-old British singer hasn’t had a boyfriend since her 2005 split from Beau Dozier, who she apparently considers a disgusting loser! Regarding Dozier, Joss told Britain’s The Times magazine:

“Oh my God! Disgusting! Maybe one day I’ll understand why he decided to do that, but right now? It’s beyond my comprehension.”

Haven’t we all had that feeling? A wave of repulsion that washes over us when we think of a certain ex-someone? But is that enough for one to start batting from the other side of the plate? Apparently for Joss, it is, because she also tells The Times:

“I think I’ll have to turn lesbian.”

Lesbians? Does Joss do it for you? Or is she a hopeless cause?

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