Survivor: Redemption Island, Episode 9 Recap

April 13, 2011

Episode 9 of Survivor: Redemption Island begins on Night 21 at the unholy island where Matt has been exiled to once again. Boston Rob Mariano played the perfect Godfather role and blindsided Matt, who knows he was naive to trust Rob. Is God using Matt’s stupidity for some higher purpose? That is the question on Matt’s mind. If you can call it a mind!

Day 22 at Camp Murlonio, Spanish for ‘stupid sucker-fish’ according to Rob. David thinks Rob played a genius move last night and compliments him. The rest of the Zappers (former Zapatera Tribe members) think Rob is cold-blooded and ruthless. Ralph tries to seek a crack in the Ometepe Tribe (Omies) alliance by telling Ashley that if she is in the Final Three, he will vote for her to win. Natalie joins them and hears this offer. One for certain is that Rob is having more fun this season than last time. During the previous Survivor All-Star round, Rob had been down, missing his wife Amber, who was pregnant. Is Rob on vacation from 3am feedings this season? Rob holds court and tells his alliance to always remain in pairs, not to fall for any Zapper tricks. Natalie pimps on Ashley to Rob about how Ralph tried to entice her. Rob decides then that Ashley is expendable when he no longer needs her.

Time for an Immunity Challenge! Phillip comes prepared wearing a feather in a headband made using his buff. Jeff asks him about it and it seems that Phillip was having a vision quest, being part Cherokee and his ancient ancestors provided a feather for strength. Ye-yeah! Okay, moving right along…

The challenge is a three-parter with eliminations at each stage. Round One is to dig up a club and break a tile with it. The first six move on the Round Two, which is use mouthfuls of water to fill a tube. The first three to fill their tubes move on to the Final Round, solve a 3-D pyramid puzzle. Grant, Rob, Ralph, Mike, David and Julie advance to Round Two. Grant, Mike and David advance to Round Three. David has the most trouble as Grant and Mike battle to win. Grant beats Mike by seconds.

The Zappers make it back to camp first and hatch a scheme to be looking for an immunity idol. When Rob and the Omies arrive, they also start digging around. Rob is paranoid about these idols. Later, the Omies consider who would be best to vote off in order to send Matt out of the game entirely? Mike or David?

At Tribal Council, Phillip elaborates more about his vision quest thanks to Jeff. The Zappers know they are in trouble and try to stir things up focusing on Phillip. But Phillip fights back, saying that even if he is on the bottom of a six-person alliance, he’s cool with it. Ralph, and Phillip trade barbs, then David and Steve join in. It’s pointless and futile as Mike is booted by a vote of 6 to 5 against Phillip. Back at camp, Rob cheers up Phillip, calling him a “real soldier.” Rob tells Uncle Cameraman that Phillip is his No.1 choice to take along to the finals.

Day 23 and Phillip is crazy like a fox! Ralph and David try to stir things up again with Phillip, who is being ‘minded’ by Andrea. But again, Phillip largely ignores them. He′s having fun playing the bad guy! Time for another Immunity Challenge! This time it is an endurance test, hanging from a bar. After the first 20 minutes, they can only use their legs to hang. Everyone is given a black and a white rock to chose whether they want to compete or munch on a pile of cheese burgers. Only Steve and Phillip opt for food, the rest are there to win.

Rob gets off to a shaky start and falls first. After the 20 minute mark, the rest are just using their legs to stay aloft. Julie goes first, then Grant and Ralph. That just leaves David, the only Zapper, against all three Omie ladies, none of which weigh much more than a hundred pounds. David hangs on for about 45 minutes then succumbs to age and gravity. Natalie and Ashley then dive and let Andrea have the honor of victory! Jeff tells them all that whoever gets voted out tonight will join Matt and Mike at Redemption Island.

Back at camp, the Zappers are sweating. Ralph finds a net full of dead fish on the beach. Rob looks them over and warns them that they are no good to eat. Ralph says he′s eaten worse. I’ll bet he has! The Zappers eat the fish while the Omies watch. Rob is in full control and nobody breaks ranks. He considers who should go tonight? Steve or David?

At Tribal Council, Phillip is wearing his feather again. He launches into a terribly long dissertation about his tribe, which he now renames Stealth ‘R Us, and the role each member has. Jeff Probst enjoys every agonizing minute. The subject of choosing to eat comes up. Phillip has no regrets, nor does Steve, who tells Jeff he would not have lasted long anyway. All the Zappers pick on Rob as being a cult leader, refusing his Omies from eating fish they caught/found. The vote is again mechanical, with David getting the boot, 6 to 4 with Rob being the foil.

Spoilers for next week′s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island show Phillip and Steve going at it with each other. Boston Rob Mariano takes a back seat as Phillip accuses Steve of racial discrimination in his lack of respect. Things get ugly! Nothing though on when there might be a 3-way duel at Redemption Island. How many victims will get stacked up there?

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