Sister Wives Recap: Kody takes Christine and their six kids to Vegas!

April 10, 2011

Fresh off the public news that Kody Brown’s fourth wife Robyn is knocked up, we get a new angle from the Brown household. Last week we got a glimpse of Kody and second wife Jenelle’s awkward relationship and now we get a closer look at the marriage of Kody and his third wife Christine.

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It was yet another odd episode as we get a clearer picture as to how Kody Brown takes time for each of his wives (and his kids for that matter). After we got to see Brown on an overnight camping date with his second wife Jenelle, this time we get to see Kody take Christine and their six polygalits to Vegas!

After a six hour road trip, the family finally arrives at their destination, Lake Las Vegas. Just a half our off of the strip, Kody and company enjoy much needed time away from the big fat drama of their investigation.

One of the highlights of their trip was their visit to Madame Tussuad’s Wax Museum. Kody was his usual quirky and odd self as he posed alongside his kids and the various wax statues. Instead of going out on the town to spend big bucks on meals and the like, the family turned their hotel room into a continental breakfast area. Has this family NOT received their TLC paycheck yet? Hey, just askin’.

Meanwhile back at the ranch in Utah, the other wives Meri, Robyn and Jenelle hold down the fort but don’t forget to include some fun. Their fun activity while Kody was with Christine and their kids? Bowling. It was more entertaining to see the other two wives tease Robyn with her not-so-savvy bowling skills.

Of course, we get a bit of seriousness thrown into the mix as first wife Meri feels the need to break some devastating news to Kody. After being fired from her job due to their polygamist lifestyle, a job that Meri applied for did not come through for her. So how will she be able to bring in the bacon? Again, TLC?

Despite Kody having sixteen children (and one on the way), I’m sure you all are wondering how in the heck he has time to give all of the polygalits the attention they need from their dad. Well, he’s superman. Duh! The wives made it a point to let us all know that Kody is a great dad and does the best he can with the time he has.

It was a relaxing and much needed ‘vacation’ for Kody and Christine. It seems to me as if Christine is the one who is longing for the most attention at this time. Not only is she no longer the ‘last’ wife, she has been taking the investigation the hardest. My concern is those kids.

Is exposing their children on a reality show the right answer either?

Check out highlights from the episode below and then let me know what you think!

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