Khloe and Lamar’s Ellen Appearance: Caption This Photo!

April 12, 2011

Hot on the heels of their new reality TV show Khloe Kardashian Odom and Lamar Odom made their first appearance together on The Ellen Degeneres show today. Their new show and sit down with Ellen is why the couple is our caption this photo contest for the week, woohoo!

Khloe Kardashian

I thought the debut of Khloe and Lamar was fantastic, even better than Kim and Kourtney Take New York in my book. Before I go on about them let me tell you quickly about Right Celebrity’s caption this photo contest. I am sure by now you know the drill but I’ll tell you again anyway. You take a look at the pic of the newlyweds above and give your two cents on it in the below comments section. Then next Tuesday when a hot new topic is posted check back to see if your name is in print as the winner for this week.

It really is a lot of fun and to show you just how it is done I give to you Stacy, who is the winner of last weeks Roger Howarth Returns To One Life To Live contest. Here is what she had to say about the adorable picture of Roger and his daughter, which you can check out again here.

All I can say for this photo is how cute!!

Well put Stacy and I am sure we can all agree with that!

See how it is done, now it’s your turn! Seriously there is so much to say about this crazy out there couple who make me laugh out loud every time I see them on the screen. Their new show rocks and it might even be my fave of the Kardahsian reality franchise. I know that is a bold statement but I stand by it. I could really go on and on about them but I won’t bore you. Instead just start captioning my friends.

Khloe Kardashian  2Khloe Kardashian  3Lamar OdomLamar Odom. 2JPGLamar Odom. 3


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2 Responses to “Khloe and Lamar’s Ellen Appearance: Caption This Photo!”

  1. 1
    Jeanette Says:

    I agree Rachelle…I really liked their show!

  2. 2
    Jon Says:

    Is Khloe wearing one of those Japanese gowns – a kimono?