Lady Gaga Has Catholic Church Upset by “Judas” Video!

April 10, 2011

Though we are yet to see it, many religious people are upset about her new music video “Judas.” According to the Catholic Church, Lady Gaga should not be releasing this type of video so close to the Easter holidays. Do they have a point?

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We all know this singer is going to push the limits and be edgy. And this song definitely does that, but most people agree it is not blasphemous. However, what has some Christians in an uproar is the way she is doing the video!

The song is basically a conversation between Mary Magdalene and Judas about how she should not fall for a betraying man. It is about the long known fact that many women are attracted to bad boys. I personally think it was a cool choice of metaphor that really drives her point You can read the lyrics and check out her fan’s reactions here.

Now the video done by Lady Gaga is what has the Catholic Church and other believers upset. It has not come out yet, but apparently the musician will show a sneak peek on her Gagavision on April 19th. If you didn’t see her latest, episode 41, you can check it out below. Anyways, the singer will play the role of Mary Magdalene and Norman Reedus will play Judas and the skeptics expect her to be pretty sketchy.

But that is just one side of the story. According to the singer and her team they feel spiritually connected and have a strong message to present. They have a clear vision and cannot wait to show it to the world.

What do you think about the reactions of people like the Catholic Church? Lady Gaga seems to think what she is doing is amazing. So who is right here? Check out her latest Gagavision and tell me what you think about the Judas video in the comment section.

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7 Responses to “Lady Gaga Has Catholic Church Upset by “Judas” Video!”

  1. 1
    alf Says:

    At one time, Sinead O’Connor ruined her career by tearing up a picture of the pope. Gaga is making lots of enemies with this video, but she,most likely, will not suffer in any way.

  2. 2
    Jon Says:

    @alf – true, but that was a different time. Now people are much more hip to the catholic church’s arcane mentality.. plus they took a major credibility hit with the scandals of the last few years.

  3. 3
    JM Says:

    What a loser. When will she just fade away already. She’s so 2009.

  4. 4
    Sandy Says:

    Go figure!

  5. 5
    sarah Says:

    I personally don’t see what is so exciting about her at all.

  6. 6
    Danity Says:

    It’s all about the publicity.

  7. 7
    Miriam Says:

    I don;’t eaither Sarah and yes D def. publicity