The Amazing Race 18 ‘You Don’t Get Paid Unless You Win’ Recap

April 10, 2011

When we last left our favorite racers we had just said good-bye to Luke and Margie. Now it is a whole new leg of the race and the remaining seven are all fighting to stay alive.

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The seven teams still racing are Kent and Vyxsin, Gary and Mallory, Flight Time and Big Easy, Jet and Cord, Kisha and Jennifer, Ron and Christina and Zev and Justin. Things kick off this leg of the race with the teams headed to the city of Varanasi, India and making their way to a certain Tonga Stand to get their next clue. Mallory and Gary are the first to leave followed by Jett and Cord, Ron and Christina, Justin and Zev, Kent and Vyxsin, Kisha and Jen and Flight Time and Big Easy in that order. All teams end up on the same flight except for Jet and Cord who don’t do enough research and end up arriving an hour after all the other teams, silly cowboys!

Once the core group of racers arrives in Varanasi the race is on with Kent and Vyxsin being the first team to reach the Tonga Stand. The Goths discover they are in for a roadblock that consists of finding colorful Sadhus, which are holy men of India. With only pictures to go by the teams must search the streets looking for six particular Sahdus. Each one will give them a clue to the meaning of life. Once they have all six clues they must put them together and figure out the meaning of life and tell it to the final Sahdus. If it sounds hard and complicated, well it was.

Kent was the first to begin the roadblock, followed by Big Easy, Jen, Gary, Ron and Justin. What some of them didn’t realize was that it had to be done in a certain order. Jen and Big Easy teamed up to help each other for a hot second before she ditched him. Kent promises Gary if they team up Kent will take him to the finish, whatever that means but Gary goes along with it. Jen is the first to get all her clues and give them to the final Sahdus. Jen and Kisha head off to find the Swaninath Akhara which is a strength conditioning club where they must find a certain strong man to get their next clue. Justin and Big Easy team up and finish next.

The cowboys arrive while Mallory, Christina and Vyxsin are waiting for their team members to finish causing the ladies to panic a little bit. Cord mans up for the roadblock. Ron struggles with the challenge as Gary and Kent get the last clue. Once they have the clue Kent bolts leaving Gary in the dust as he heads to present the meaning of live to the last Sahdus, even though he promised they would finish it together. Kent literally followed as Gary did all the work. Christina grows nervous when Gary comes back leaving only Ron and Cord doing the roadblock.

Jen and Kisha in search of the Swaninath Akhara end up at the wrong place while the Globetrotters and Zev and Justin find the clue, a detour. The teams can choose between feed the fire or feed the buffalo. In feed the fire teams have to travel the Ganges River to find the home of a milkman, make fifty fuel patties out of manure and slap them onto a wall to dry in the sun. Once their patties are given the ok, they must load a stove with fuel patties and light fire for the local children so they can drink milk. After the fire is lite then the team will get their clue. In feed the buffalo teams must cross the Ganges River pick up a large bail of hay then travel back with it and navigate their way through the narrow streets to the address on their bundle. Once they find the correct address teams will receive their next clue.

Zev and Justin along with Flight Time and Big Easy head to feed the buffalo. Zev isn’t moving the quickest throughout this leg of the race. Jen and Kisha finally find their way and decide to feed the fire. While doing the task the girls are literally gagging at the smell, um what the heck did they think it was going to smell like roses, duh? Plus the girls get into a little bickering match during the task because Kisha doesn’t think Jen is doing it correctly.

Back at the roadblock Christina is less than thrilled to see Cord return before her father. The cowboys head off to the next clue. Meanwhile Ron continues to get frustrated, as he doesn’t realize he has gone way off course. He finally gets his wits about him and is able to finish the roadblock.

Kent and Vyxsin and Gary and Mallory all decide to join in on feed the fire as well. Zev is lagging more than Justin would like as they are running to find the address for their hay along with Big Easy and Flight Time. Zev and Justin drop their hay off first and receive a picture of Ramnagar Fort, which is the next pit stop. Teams must head across the Ganges River to the town of Ramnagar and find Ramnagar Fort where Phil will be waiting for them. It is a race for first between Zev and Justin and Flight Time and Big Easy.

The cowboys decide to feed the buffalo, not a surprise there. Jen and Kisha manage to finish their task and also head for the pit stop. Kent whines that he can’t carry his bag after doing the roadblock and makes his girlfriend carry it as they make their way to feed the fire. Soon after they arrive Mallory and Gary arrive.

It is foot race to the pit stop with Flight Time and Big Easy hitting the mat first. The guys went from last place to first and earned themselves a trip to Hawaii. Zev and Justin follow as team two and are just fine with that.

Ron and Christina are bringing up the rear and choose feed the buffalo. Back at feed the fire Kent and Vyxsin and Gary and Mallory all end around the same time and begin making their way to the it stop. However Kent and Vyxsin are given directions to take a water taxi to Ramnagar Fort. However their driver basically sucks which causes Vyxsin flip out and jump in the river to head back to land as Kent is yelling at her to get out of the disgusting water. They arguing couple get back to land and head to find a taxi. It was actually quite funny.

Jen and Kisha are team number three to arrive at the pit stop, followed by Gary and Mallory who are team number four. That leaves Ron and Christina, Kent and Vyxsin and Jet and Cord fighting to not end up the last team to arrive. Jet and Cord end up being team number five, which isn’t bad considering they were an hour behind all the other teams.

Ron and Christina go the water taxi route in hopes of it saving them from coming into last place. However their attempt fails, as Kent and Vyxsin are team number six to arrive. The father/daughter team hits the mat only to hear Phil say those dreaded words “Ron and Christina. You are the last team to arrive and I am very sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race” bye bye guys!

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    Jon Says:

    Love the concept of this show, but stopped watching after one season involved a segment in Africa where they were using animals in less some unfortunate ways for challenges.. maybe it’s time to come back to it.