Another Baby for the Sister Wives Family!

April 10, 2011

The Sister Wives brood is expanding as newlyweds Robyn and Kody Brown announce that another little polygalit is on the way! Find out more bouncing baby details right here!

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Okay, so maybe it’s not too hard to believe that polygamist Kody Brown and his new dame are expecting their first child together, but 17 polygalits in one pen?

The highly controversial Mormon family who longs for acceptance for their polygamist lifestyle are adding yet another baby to the already growing family. Kody and his fourth wife (not legally, of course) are expecting. This puts the polygamist family at a whopping 17 children total! Wow, that’s a lot of polygalits! Season Two of Sister Wives has been very interesting to say the least, however, it does appear that not only Meri, Janelle, Christine, Robyn, and Kody are in it for the long haul, but so are their children. This is a way of life that they have chosen, and it is understood that either wife could walk out at any given time. But the commitment that they have ALL made to one another and their ever so growing brood has proven to society that they share a bond like no other. It’s clear that the polygamist family took a ballsy risk by exploiting themselves and their polygalits on national television for the whole world to see judge the way THEY live, set before other struggling polygamist families in the nation…but was America ready?

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Sister Wives this season, it has been a pretty challenging one for all. With a risky decision to publicly (come out of the closet, so to speak) share with America their way of living on The Today Show, not only was it an opportunity for a nation’s scrutiny against their beliefs, morals and values, their “coming out” also posed a great concern for their children’s safety regarding the media’s obsession. Unfortunately, the family became the center of a disturbing investigation by the state of Utah which resulted in a case dismissal, phew! So the family packed up their brood and moved on out for a better life, in the City of Sin, Law Vegas…how fitting, right? How can you tear a part a perfectly healthy and loving family? As hard as it is to watch at times, their family ties are extraordinary but alright.

So let’s not overshadow the joys of yet another baby polygalit coming into a big but loving family, let’s celebrate! Happy-as-a-lark daddy of 17 is thrilled with the news and, as always, I’m sure Robyn was crying like a baby! You can bet that there will definitely be enough love to go around! Congratulations Sister Wives!

You may leave your congrats for the Sister Wives family in the comment box as they prepare for another baby in the household! Sister Wives is on every Sunday at 9/8c on TLC. Be sure to check out a clip from lovebirds Robyn and Kody’s Honeymoon episode and their controversial interview from The Today Show below, you will not want to miss!

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3 Responses to “Another Baby for the Sister Wives Family!”

  1. 1
    Jeanette Says:

    Oh wow, another baby…I guess I’m not surprised.

  2. 2
    sarah Says:

    That’s alot of kids!

  3. 3
    Danity Says:

    TLC must be footing the bill now. I won’t be surprised to see a couple of the other wives knocked up soon.