‘My Future Boyfriend’ Interview with Sara Rue

April 10, 2011

Life is good for red headed beauty Sara Rue, who has a killer new bod, an upcoming wedding and a brand new ABC Family movie ‘My Future Boyfriend’. Yes one could say Sara is a lucky girl but you know what she is so deserving of the great things happening to her right now.

Sara Rue

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A interview with the lovely Sara Rue who is starring in the made for TV movie ‘My Future Boyfriend’, which premieres tonight on ABC Family at 8PM EST. The film looks great to me but then again I am sucker for those romance TV movies. Sara chatted with us about her life and the movie and let me just say she was freaking awesome.

Sara got the part of Elizabeth Barrett after her co-star Barry Watson was already attached. She was sent the script, read it and loved it. However once she heard that Barry said she would be great for the film it was a done deal she knew she had to take the job because what he said was so flattering. If you have seen the promos you can easily tell that Sara and Barry have great chemistry, which she says was there from the get go. In fact I believe she referred to it as something that just felt natural, fans can see what she is talking about when they watch it. Rue also shared that she so enjoyed going to work everyday and that was largely due to that fact that she got along so well with the cast and crew. She said it was so such a fun easy shoot and I really believed her. I know people say that but seriously she was so sincere.

Although she didn’t want to give too much away Sara gave us a little insight to her alter ego Elizabeth who at first thinks of Pax, Barry’s character as a job since she is assigned to write a story about the crazy guy. All she really wanted was to get the best story from him and of course along the way she falls for him, her character is a romantic at heart. Since her character is a real romantic and a writer the subject of romance novels came and Rue revealed she is not a romance novel girl. Nope she would prefer to read Twilight or The Hunger Games, you know anything a 14-year-old girl would read. If you are wondering how much of Sara is in Elizabeth well little bits of her personality are sprinkled across the character which means that sometimes she sees herself and sometimes she doesn’t.

One of Rue’s costars in the film is the extremely talented and wonderful Valerie Harper. Working with Harper made Sara realize she wants to be like her and not just because she is so talented but because of who she is as a person. Rue called Valerie a wonderful person on and off set. Plus apparently Harper did really cool things on her days off and would do them all by herself. Sara even told a story how Valerie walked six miles to the Aquarium toured the whole thing by herself, then was recognized by someone and given a private tour so she saw it all again. That is just one example of the things Harper would do. I love Valerie and have for years so I agree with Sara I would kind of like to be her too. Plus from what Sara said she is just so much fun to be around.

I actually got the chance to ask a couple of questions one on one with Sara who couldn’t have been nicer or more open.

Rachelle: What was it about the character of Elizabeth that interested you in playing her when you first read the script?
Sara: I loved the idea of playing a hopeless romantic, and I think at her heart, that’s what Elizabeth is. She writes these romance novels, and she’s kind of stuck in this wacky day job where she’s reporting. Then basically for her, I felt like her worlds were colliding. I thought that was fun to play because she couldn’t allow herself to sort have these feelings that she thought she was having for this strange guy from the future, and yet, she was having them. So it was fun for me to play somebody who loves love and loves romance, but then wouldn’t let herself really have it. That, to me, was really interesting.

Rachelle: Can you discuss any other projects that you’re currently working on?
Sara: It’s been a little bit nuts for me. I’ve been doing an arc on Rules of Engagement this season. I’m playing Patrick Warburton and Megyn Price’s lesbian surrogate, which is awesome. I think I get pregnant this week, so that’s exciting. I think the insemination takes this week, so thumbs up for that. Then I actually just did this crazy bathing suit shoot thing, so I’m going to New York. I didn’t tell people about the bathing suit shoot because I wanted to be able to back out gracefully if I so chose. I’ve been shooting a campaign, so it’s been crazy. Then I’m getting married, so I’m taking the whole month of May off. I feel like now I can actually focus on wedding plans and honeymoon plans and real life stuff. It’s funny, I have been doing this so long that sometimes it’s hard to work in having a real life activity that is equally as important as work stuff. So that’s what I’m trying to do now. I’m trying to take a little bit of time and actually get married and have a honeymoon and do some real life things that will be fun.

I actually just saw her swimsuit shoot she was talking about and the girl looks smoking hot. She is honestly one of my inspirations to get my butt in gear and lose weight, especially after seeing her in the bikini. She was always beautiful but now wow she has a stellar body to boot. I just want to say congrats to Sara on all the amazing things happening in her life and I know I will be checking out her new made for TV movie how about you?

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