Supernatural Season 6 Returns With The Titanic & Ellen?

April 8, 2011

Supernatural season 6 will return one week from tonight on April 15th. What are we in for after the deaths of Rufus and the Campbell clan? Not to mention a nasty Fate on the Winchesters tail? Get the scoop here and take a look at some pics from the soon to air episode My Heart Will Go On below the fold! Oh, and tell us what you think about Bobby and Ellen married?!

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Nobody does it better like the cast and crew of Supernatural! Perfect at throwing fans episodes laced with what if’s and reality twists, the sixth season will return with the Titanic, whose history is changed dramatically after Balthazar decides he just doesn’t like the movie!

How did show runner Sera Gamble pull this one off? While talking at PaleyFest 2011, Gamble admits it wasn’t an easy task to pull off!

“There were a lot of mental knots that we had to untangle to figure that episode out but it’s a really cool one. It’s kind of a twilight zone episode.”

And although that had to find a way to work out somewhat believable storyline, they also managed to work in some serious and interesting changes just for the special episode. For one – Supernatural fans will get to see Bobby and Ellen, who they also raised from the dead (so to speak) as a married couple! Does that mean Jo doesn’t exist? We’ll find out.

Season 6’s Titanic episode will also bring Fate into full view. Played by actress Katie Walder, Fate doesn’t like the fact that Balthazar has toyed with her specialty and she’s not fond of the Winchester brothers either! Will they have to kill her? There’s only six episodes left and we’ll have a recap for you next week, with hopes of a season 7 on the horizon!

Stay tuned Supernatural fans, this ought to be good! And don’t forget, we’re only episodes away from Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who will visit the Wild Wild West soon to get the colt back! If you can’t wait to watch, Screen Rant has some spoilers with details surrounding the season 6 finale here.

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Photo credit: The CW

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