Robert Pattinson Fantasizes About Pummeling Paparazzi

April 8, 2011

For us average folks, it may seem like a dream to step out of a car and have a million flash bulbs popping in your face, but many celebrities are not at all shy with their feelings about the paparazzi—including the typically classy Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson

Forget English manners, the real life Edward admits that he dreams about laying the smack down on pesky photographers. The revelation came during an interview with Elle Magazine.

Here is the exact quote:

“When the whole thing dries up and there’s hardly any paparazzi around … I like the idea of just one paparazzo coming out and trying to get a picture, and I just beat the s— out of him…”

Wow. I wonder if he would do one of those impossibly fast vampire moves like in Twilight then just drop an atomic elbow on the guy. Either way, the concept definitely stirs up a mixed reaction from me.

Normally Pattinson is a nice, well-mannered celeb who seems to be super appreciative of what he has. There seems to be an understanding among stars that being hounded by photographers is part of the gig. Being unhappy with it is sort of like moving in next to the airport and then complaining about the noise.

So on one hand, I feel like he sounds just a tad ungrateful. I mean, would you rather be incessantly photographed, or have to mop a walk-in cooler?

On the other side of the coin, it is easy to see where he is coming from. He went form a relatively unknown in Harry Potter to the epic, undead rock star he has become. Plus, he is only human.

Besides, I’m betting it will be quite some time before he actually ‘falls off.’ His acting isn’t half bad, and he is pretty young. Maybe by the time he loses his luster he will be wishing for the paparazzi.

What do you think about Robert Pattinson’s violent fantasy?


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4 Responses to “Robert Pattinson Fantasizes About Pummeling Paparazzi”

  1. 1
    Rachelle Says:

    Can’t say I blame the guy I think i would too if I was him.

  2. 2
    Sandy Says:

    Robert Pattinson is classy =)

  3. 3
    Lakisha Says:

    Yeah I can see how that could annoying. He just a private person but then again he maybe in the wrong profession.

  4. 4
    Danity Says:

    I agree! He may have to find a different job. He doesn’t seem to like the attention, anyhow.