‘Breaking Dawn’ Wedding Dress Revealed in Illustrated Guide

April 7, 2011

The Twilight world is buzzing this week with news that images of Kristen Stewart’s wedding dress from the ‘Breaking Dawn’ films have emerged. I’ll point you to them below.

Kristen Stewart

As I sat in the bookstore yesterday sipping my latte, I happened to glance over to a Twilight display. The dark-covered series sat in its usual spot, with a few box sets wrapped neatly in plastic. But on the shelf next to them was a taller volume entitled The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.

At first I thought it was yet another clever rouse designed to keep the cash flow coming for Stephanie Meyer’s profit machine. But it turns out there are a few gems inside those pages that are worth looking into.

While they anticipate the final two films, there have been a few main curiosities for Twi-hards. The first is without a doubt the honeymoon sequence. Another is how Renesmee will look. But one of the biggest mysteries has been what Bella will wear on her wedding day.

Maybe it’s because the moment she becomes a vampire is the culmination of several thousand pages of first person narration, or maybe Twilight fans are all a bunch of hopeless romantics—but either way, her dress is a hot item.

Some say the wait is finally over. All of the hype is surrounding a section in the illustrated guide that shows Bella after her transformation. The artwork in the new book is anime-esque, and shows a pale version of Bella with long, flowing hair getting into a car. The next picture shows Bella in her wedding dress with a dark background and spot lights shining down.

Apparently Stephanie Meyer played a huge role in designing the actual gown for the movie, so fans have already jumped to the conclusion that it will be very similar to the one in the illustrated guide. If that’s the case, they can see a nice sneak preview of the wedding in the pages of the book.

You can see the pics over at Celebuzz.

Do you think her dress in the movie will resemble the art found in the book?

Photos: www.wenn.com/A. Miller

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