Karina Smirnoff Playboy Photos Coming Soon!

April 4, 2011

It is official DWTS Karina Smirnoff is getting naked for Playboy. The photos of the brunette are coming sooner than you think too.

Karina Smirnoff

Thanks to a tweet by the one and only Hugh Hefner, who knew the old guy was so up on his social media, it was revealed that Ukraine-born Karina Smirnoff will bare it all for Playboy. I am not talking about her soul either, nope she will pose nude in a pictorial as well as grace the cover of the May issue of the infamous girlie magazine.

Hef called the issue featuring the dancing machine Smirnoff in it unforgettable. That is quite the praise from the man who has well, seen a lot of naked ladies in his life. This will be the first time that Karina, who is currently paired with former 80’s heartthrob Ralph Macchio on DWTS, has appeared in the famous mag.

I have to say she is a stunning choice and something tells me the issue will sell like hotcakes. I mean she is gorgeous and has the men drooling all the time. I wonder what her hunky soon to be husband baseball player Brad Penny had to say about her decision to let it all hang out for the world to see in Hef’s magazine? I am guessing he was supportive or she wouldn’t have done it. Karina is set to wed Brad sometime in early 2012.

Soon after the announcement came out the rumors that her nude pics could get her booted from the show that made her a household name are circulating, there is absolutely no truth to them. Seriously do you think the show that puts the ladies in some outfits that barely cover a thing could cause a stir. I think it would be pretty hypocritical of the powers that be to do anything to Smirnoff because she posed for Playboy, clearly they agree as the dancing queen revealed that her bosses were told a ahead of time. A new pictorial, a great fiancé and a fabulous new dance partner, things are looking pretty good for Smirnoff!

If you have any thoughts on the news of Karina appearing in Playboy please feel free to share them with me.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/FayesVision/Dominic Chan/DJDM

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    Sandy Says:

    Anything to make a pretty penny